Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Charlize Theron I am such a girl. I watch most of the awards shows and never miss the Oscars. I don't care much about who wins what; I watch for the glam to see what the girls and boys are wearing.

This year, I really liked the blue tuxedos that a couple of the guys were wearing (Jason Sudeikis, for example). If I were a guy going to the Oscars, that's what I would wear. As for the girls, I'd wear what Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron wore.

And when are we going to see femulators on the red carpet? You got to believe that some of the guys on the red carpet would prefer to wear evening gowns. I assure you, next time I go to the Oscars, I will attend fully femulated.

Jared Leto won an Oscar for portraying a transwoman in Dallas Buyers Club and some people are up in arms about it because they feel that a transwoman should have played the role.

So when Hollywood gets around to making Femulate: The Movie, I want them to hire me to play myself. Not really; I’m a lousy actress. Actually, I’d prefer they hire Kate Beckinsale to portray me!





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The beautiful Miss Britney Smith.





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  1. Charlize looked great, but my faves were Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lawrence,

  2. What is the name of the dress that the femulateandre her is wearing?
    I would sure like to buy that dress
    Also, I I hope our social calendars don't collide, because is also feel in love with that blue Sofia vargara dress and bought it too
    How can you go wrong with the price
    I do outside sales, and I think I will wear it to work one day just like she did with black tights & black loafers

    1. Sorry, Marci, but the name of the dress was not available from the source.

  3. Remember when the buzz was what Jaye Davidson would wear to the Oscars when he was up for Supporting Actor for The Crying Game?

  4. My comment exactly. When will t girls be as commonplace and accepted like gay people do now? It would be so nice to have a tlady who blends, not necessarily passes and all they talk about is her dress. I know we need to get out there and get into the public eye. Without getting killed at the same time though would be nice.