Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I’m Transitioning

I’m transitioning pierced earrings to clip-on earrings using the converters that Avon sells. After some trial and error, I have the transitioning procedure down pat.

Step 1.

Bend the post of the pierced earring 90°. To avoid snapping the post off the earring, use a small pair of needle nose pliers to grasp the post at its base and slowly bend the rest of the post 90° with your thumb.


Step 2.

Using a glue that will bond metal, apply a dab of glue to the bent post with a toothpick.

Step 3.

Insert the post into the tube of the converter.

Step 4.

Position the earring at a 90° angle with relation to the converter. Let the glue dry thoroughly.


You can skip using the glue, but soon the post will loosen inside the tube of the converter. Then the earring will flop around and fall out of the tube. The glue stabilizes the post inside the tube and I recommend using the glue.

UPDATE: It is early, but I have already received comments and e-mails suggesting that getting my ears pierced is preferable to using clip-ons. My reply is that if I was living as a woman full-time (or nearly full-time), I would consider getting my ears pierced. But since I am part-time and have a big investment in a large collection of clip-ons, I will stick with the clips.






The femulating French Lolita.






She is reputed to be a femulator, but I don’t know for sure.
I love what she is wearing.


  1. As far as your "transition" one question, WHY?
    Pierced ears are a still a difininitely female thing(sorry "cool" guys)
    I have two piercings, only regret? Didn't do it sooner
    Just sayin'

  2. i love the pop of the red with the dark waist jacket, however i'm curious what it would look like in a forest green or the like. i may have to buy and try. :)

  3. I don't think Sydney Hoffman was born male. Here is the original post from that outfit:

    1. Thank you for the correction, Christa.

  4. I think getting your ears pierced is probably easier, I can't think why I waited over 50 years to do it!

  5. I had plenty of clip-ons when I began my journey to become a female (I tried to hide my femme side from others) but now I have both ears pierced! It seemed I was always buying "replacement" ear rings!

    My ear lobes held an obvious impression caused by the clip-ons that was noticed by my kids. Leave it to kids!

    I moved out simply because I found it liberating to be a woman and simply felt it would be easier to get my ears pierced. I still lose an ear ring from time to time. LMAO!

    Kudos to you, Stana!

  6. I gave up wearing earrings altogether because (a) I didn't want my ears pierced, and (b) wearing clip-ons gave me an uncomfortable tingling sensation on the side of my face after wearing them for more than an hour. I wonder if you or anyone else have any similar experience? And if you're ever unsure whether a photo is of a femulator or someone else, you can do a Google search on it just by dragging the picture into the search box....

  7. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for the reminder about Google. I knew that, but forgot it!

    Sometimes, my clip-ons are too tight and I will have a sore earlobe, but nothing like your experience.

  8. Stana,

    We're on exactly the same page wrt clip-ons. I have some pads that go over the back and that converts some earrings from torture to pleasure.

    I often tell people I can't afford to get my ears pierced. I'd break the (personal) bank buying earrings!

  9. Great tip on converting earrings, sooner or later, I'll get mine pierced so this won't be such a problem. But in the mean time I'll share my secret. Cut the post right off and use a drop of super glue. I've worn mine this way for years with no issue. And they stay all all day, and come off easily at the end of the day. For shepards hook drop earrings I simply cut the shepards hook at the apex of the radius and place a drop of glue on it. This gives a very real pierced ears look and unless you an allergy to super glue, (developed as a surgical adhesive) you should have a new out look on just what you can wear. There is nothing like putting a pearl or diamond on my ear, and have it look like a stud earring.

  10. I wore clip-ons in the early years, and my ear lobes were always going numb after a while and then start hurting like crazy. I have had my ears pierced for almost 30 years now, and can count the times someone asked me about it while in drab on two fingers. I was really paranoid at first, and followed a suggestion of taking heavier weight monofilament fishing line, cutting a couple short pieces, and then using a soldering iron or other heat source to flatten one end into a small flat button. Insert them into your newly pierced ears to help keep them open, and it's much harder to see the holes. You can also put a dab of concealer on them as well!

    Stay beautiful!

  11. I endured clip-on earrings for about two years, and the worst I've suffered was lasting indentations in my lobes, and at one point, bleeding. (and yes, I've seen some of my girlfriends do creative solutions to convert pierced earrings to clip-ons.)

    Anyway... back in November 2012, I took the plunge and had my ears pierced. (Mom gradually accepted it - She even gave me a pair of her earrings, which I wear daily, among a few new pairs she bought for me, as well as a couple other pairs she gave me.)

    To each their own. ^_^