Tuesday, February 18, 2014

He Wears a Dress; She's Fine With That


“When Brian and Debbie McCloskey got married two years ago, Debbie wore a lovely little neutral-colored dress. So did Brian. It was, perhaps, the happiest day of both of their lives. Brian is a transvestite, which means he likes to wear women's clothes. His wife is totally fine with that.”

Read the rest of the great story about this happy couple in LA Weekly.





Source: Women In Revolt

Candy Darling in the 1971 film Women In Revolt.





Source: ideeli

Wearing C. Luce.


  1. Stana
    The story that you linked to was truly wonderful. It seems like the generation after ours will have the opportunity to present themselves as they choose. He never senses that he is a woman. He is a man who likes classy and classic womans styles and he wears them to work and his wife, his boss, his co-workers are all perfectly comfortable with his attire.
    A very nice read and a glimpse of some of the freedom that may be enjoyed by the next generations of Femulators.

  2. I read this previously - it is a wonderful story about 2 wonderful people.