Monday, February 10, 2014


Aunty Marlena discovered that Geschlechtertausch (Gender Swap) is a popular event among students in German high schools and she sent me a load of links showing examples of German boys and girls as girls and boys on Gender Swap Day. Instead of listing all those links, Google Geschlechtertausch yourself and Google will turn up hundreds of images for you just like the ones below.

452-Geschlechtertausch-2006 450-Geschlechtertausch-2012
450-Geschlechtertausch-2010-01 446-Geschlechtertausch-2010
406-Geschlechtertausch-2014-Frauenlobstraße-High-School-01 402-Geschlechtertausch-2009
402-Geschlechtertausch-01 400-Geschlechtertausch-2009-02
398-Geschlechtertausch-2009-01 405-Geschlechtertausch-2014-Frauenlobstraße-High-School





Source: Female Mimics

Femulators competing in the 1974 installment of the National Cotillion.





Source: La Redoute

Wearing Delphine Manivet.


  1. Geschlectertausch ist so cool! Until this moment I was completely unaware of its existence. If it were around in my youth, would I have had the guts to participate? I hope so.


  2. I love the picture of the girl in the moto jacket, denim skirt, striped hose and heels! She looks fabulous and I bet she femulates more often than just for Geschlectertausch! I would have been scared at first, but I think I could have joined in the fun.

  3. Uber cool!
    I agree, Tina. I liked the top right one, too.
    Very nice outfit.

  4. What, are these schools in the South of Germany? Seems like that's where the prevalence of our scholastic gender-bending is.

  5. Is it just me, or do the girls look like they aren't as interested in "perfecting" their look was the boys are? Just saying'.

  6. This looks like much more fun than the pageants, and could be a closer to real life experience which could inform the guys and girls a little of what it is like to be the other side of the binary