Friday, February 7, 2014

Boys and the Joys of Body Shapers






Source: Female Mimics

Femulator in street style circa 1965.





Source: MyHabit

Wearing Melissa Masse.


  1. The beginnings of my road to femulation.

    But my question remains: Why do the models in the ads for girdles, etc., never appear to actually need the foundation garments they are wearing?


  2. I notice that when I walk by the plus size stores, the models in the posters are never plus size.

    The other day I was shopping and saw a cuter skirt on the mannequin, I went to look for the price, the tags were on inside back of the skirt. The skirt looked great, and I was hoping it would look as good I me.

    When I looked at the tags, I noticed the skirt was gathered and pinned to make the skirt fit the mannequin and look more flattering, the skirt was a size 4.

    They had to make a size 4 look even smaller? Guess I'm skipping dessert