Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Paula Visits Washington – Part 2

By Paula Gaikowski

Paula Visits Washington

My next stop was a bit of a stretch goal for myself. I have wanted to get out there as a woman doing things other than shopping; I wanted to interact more with others as a woman. 

George Washington University was having a fall open house. I went back to the room with my new eye makeup, restyled my wig, touched up the rest of my makeup and put on my dark suit that I bought when I was down in Atlanta.  I stopped at the front desk to ask the clerk for directions to the University and she told me how to get there with no look of surprise or shock.

I parked, walked up the steps of the University,  heels tapping, the autumn breeze cool around my legs; “So this is what it’s like,” I thought! I don’t remember being nervous coming into the lobby, where like any other open house, tables were set-up. I spoke with the receptionist and she gave me an overview, and I filled out a questionnaire.  She was friendly, and I believe she read me, but she didn’t miss a beat. I suspect people presume that I am transitioning, but that’s OK with me. In fact, it makes me feel good.

I waited on line to speak with the tech rep, but grew tired and slipped out. I needed to go back to the hotel and get my glasses. Once there, I rode up in the elevator with a businessman, who just said “hello” and asked me my floor number. I had a strange feeling riding the two of us alone. Standing there with both feet together, my arms instinctively crossed against my chest. I could see him in the reflection looking at my legs. Did he smell my perfume? Was he checking me out as I had done to so many women? What was he thinking? The tables had turned. I felt odd. I understood now.

I got my glasses headed out to The Cheese Cake Factory and enjoyed a nice dinner, had great service and was addressed as “Miss.” On my way back to the room, I stopped in the lobby and got a bottle of wine from the Marriott Market; the clerk charge it to my  room.

Off I went back to my room and the Cinderella turned back into a fella <sigh>! What was extraordinary about this trip was that I was going where I wanted, when I wanted with no inhibitions. Once I got into my “girl mindset,” I just went to the different stores and restaurants without thinking. I wasn’t acting like a woman anymore --- I was just being  myself. I am sure some of you girls can relate to this. It was a sea change, one that both thrills me and also scares me a bit.

In the past, when I finished a day out en femme, I was glad to put the pretty things away. This time, I wanted to get dressed again the next morning.

It’s not the clothes that interest me, it’s the lifestyle.





Source: Tumblr

A girl and her guy/girl, circa 2013.





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Wearing Paige Denim.


  1. Paula,
    These two posts have been awesome. I admit that I don't pass, either, but it seems like that if I'm not "over the top" or attempting to draw attention to myself, people don't seem to care. Like you, I've also had men to check me out, and it's interesting to be on the receiving end. All in all, it IS satisfying to just be one's self, whether that be masculine or feminine or a combination of both. Best wishes to you.

  2. Stana, great additions from Paula, very interesting insight on a practical level. I'm intrigued by the girl/ boy image. Who is who?
    Maybe he got lucky as she entered him in a Womanless Pageant. We just have to know who will walk in stage.
    Hope all is well at home

  3. Being dressed over-the-top causes admires to notice me, being dressed 'normally' allows me to blend in and no-one notices. They don't complain about me either way, lol!

    Good article, Paula.

    Stana, I hope all is going swimmingly at home.

  4. I pass too well and when i dress always there are men that want sex. after that i tell them I'm trans and most are still interested which is great but don't want sex as i am not drawn to only other dressers.