Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm Out

I am spending a day out en femme today.

It snowed here yesterday and it is literally freezing today, but Mother Nature is not keeping this girl under wraps any longer. I plan to go to Mohegan Sun and spend the day Christmas shopping and playing slots. (I hope the latter covers the cost of the former!)

As usual, I will reveal all the details about my day out  as soon as possible.

Wish me luck!

Source: Femulate Archives

Professional femulators Issan Dorsey aka Tommy Dee (left) and
The Party of Four troupe of pro femulators, circa 1957.

Source: ideeli

Wearing Chetta B.


  1. Well, good luck then...and tell us about it when you return!


  2. Dress warm, Stana, not like The Party of Four, which is an excellent picture of three very lovely ladies! I can't wait to read of your exploits. Good luck at the slots!

    And if I didn't say it yet, Merry Christmas!

    ps; I'm guessing your wife is doing well. Godspeed!