Sunday, December 29, 2013

Look Ma, No Bra

Source: Playboy, January 1971; thanks to JJ
When this cartoon appeared in Playboy, women were shedding their mother's foundation garments with great abandon and there was some truth in the concern expressed by the cartoon transgirl.

Fast-forward 40 years and we find that bras made a big comeback and are available in more styles and colors than ever before. On the other hand, girdles did not follow suit and are only available in a limited number of styles and colors to the chagrin of many transgirls of a certain age.

Andrej Pejic, fashion model, in Paris, 2012.

Wearing Daily Look.


  1. I agree with the trans-girl in the cartoon about bras but I do not miss the girdles! I guess I'm more a cincher type!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year! That goes for both you and yours!

  2. I have always found a girdle just right for keeping "everything in place"