Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miss Eng'g 2013


Miss Engineering 2013 will be selected in the ultimate womanless beauty pageant on December 19 at the College of Engineering, University of Philippines-Diliman. Although the pageant is next Thursday, the Miss Engineering Facebook page already has hundreds of photographs (with more to come) documenting the pageant and its preliminary events.

It is still snowing here as I type this and I have pretty much abandoned any hope of going to the Avon representatives holiday party tonight.

Thank you, Juliet Ventura for alerting me about Miss Eng'g 2013.






Actor Raul Gonzalez femulating in television’s Desplerta America, 2013.





Source: ShopBop-2013-12-10

Wearing Diana von Furstenberg.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I hope your wife is recovery well and feeling better. I'm sorry the snow will prevent you from attending the event tonight.

    MISS ENGG at the University of the Philippines is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, as you and I have conversed about in emails. The entrants are ostensibly NOT transgendered **, and the femulations in gowns, swimsuits, and other femnine garb are mostly STUNNING. Your readers can Google "MISS ENGG" and also specify that in the YouTube Search Box to enjoy this fabulous annual December event,

    ** Note: probably at least 1% or 2% of the entrants are secretly transgendered. Perhaps another 8% or 9% will discover for the first time that they ADORE femulating. The other 90% are non-transgendered guys, and are to be applauded for their willingness to allow themselves to be so completely feminized for this month-long event.



  2. Stana, this is probably the best WBP around. I don't have a fB page. Can you download images to your wonderful blog ?

    1. Hi Alice,

      You do not need your own Facebook page or account to look at Facebook pages by others. Here's a link to the 2013 Miss ENGG Facebook page ...


      (Copy and Paste the link above into your browser's web-address/search box)

      There are a huge number of photos. Some of them are from past years' MISS ENGG competitions. A better way to view the portion of photos you're interested in is to:
      1) click on "Photos" from the main page (from the link above);
      2) then on the page that displays, click on "Albums";
      3) then click on the album you'd like to view and just the photos in that selected category will be viewable.



  3. One thing I've noticed with Miss Eng'g is that the "most beautiful" girl doesn't seem to win. Don't get me wrong - Miss 49ers here looks great but I don't think she's nearly as pretty as Miss Alchemes. Now in this case, it's pretty clear that Miss Alchemes isn't super comfortable with how attractive she is as a girl. She doesn't walk or move with much feminine grace and seems relieved when she finally gets eliminated. Also watching her tryout video shows how she doesn't seem into the whole thing too. I think this is a case of a guy who never considered putting on a pair of heels ended up looking amazing in them...and didn't care. Still, he was the prettiest. As was Miss Kem in 2011, who also didn't win.

    I wonder if there's an innate bias against the "prettiest" or "most passable", due perhaps to a suspicion that the contestant is actually some level of femulator. I notice with Miss Eng'g they go out of their way to point out how all the contestants HAVE TO BE STRAIGHT. It's been pointed out on this very blog but posters associated with the event. I understand the rationale - they want a level playing field for all the guys in the event, so no fair putting ringers in who have experience in 4" heels and glitter makeup.

    But at the same time, imagine you're a young college guy who's a closeted crossdresser and this event drops in your lap. Are you going to say no to trying it out? Of course not! It's a perfectly legitimate, non-judgmental venue for you to show off something you love doing IN PUBLIC. Heck, the university will pony up money for your costume and professionals to come to your makeup and hair! It's a femulators dream!

    But what if there's that bias if you are TOO convincing? What if you're too gorgeous like Miss Kem 2011, too passable like Miss Alchemes 2013 or too sexy like Miss 49ers 2012? What if the people voting/judging look at those contestants and think "They look a little too comfortable in that bikini" or "She's walking a little too proudly in those heels." If even the hint of previous experience colors their judgment, the judging panel would disqualify that contestant in their minds. Maybe score them a little lower in talent or gown or whatever, maybe throw them a consolation prize to make their decision a little less obvious. " It's almost like the femulator loses points once she makes them forget it's a femulation.

    I suppose because it's all supposed to be good fun that you're not supposed to forget she's a he. And, if Sheila's 10% number is right (and I'd say that's fair. Every year there seems to be one or two guys who really know what they're doing and/or are really enjoying themselves), I suppose it doesn't matter if our closeted femulating sisters don't win. For a night they get to be on stage as the women they want to be, to the cheers and screams of hundreds of people, and frankly that is awesome.