Sunday, April 5, 2009

very fond of Fonda's outfit

I viewed Sunday in New York on TCM, a 1964 romantic comedy starring Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor. I enjoyed the film because (1) it included many scenes filmed in my favorite city with (2) many women dressed in the height of fashion, the early to mid-1960s (my favorite fashion era). Ms. Fonda, in particular, wore some outfits to die for. My favorite was the dress she wore in the photos accompanying this posting. The photos don't do her outfit justice. You have to see the film yourself to see why I am drooling. As usual, click on an image to magnify it.


  1. I like some of her outfits from the movie "Klute". If I had the figure, I'd love to rock some of the costumes from "Barbarella" too. Wouldn't we all?

  2. Jaye --- We would have to use her workout tape in order to wear her "Barbarella" costumes!