Monday, April 27, 2009

new acquisition

I just bought this new "mock wrap" dress from Metrostyle on sale ($32 instead of $40). I love the color and I already have shoes that match!

I think it will be lovely wearing this dress as I stroll down 5th Avenue in June!


  1. Lovely dress. Hope you'll remember to post us some pics of you wearing it in the Big Apple :-)

    Not long now 'til June. You still as ambivalent about the whole thing, or is the excitement building????

  2. Jayne --- You can be sure there will be photos of my NYC adventure. I am very excited; I booked a hotel today and now I have to consider the train schedules.

  3. Pretty dress. Do you have the right accessories - (think large handbag) and jewelry? Oh, and shoes! It's so much fun getting ready for an adventure isn't it?

  4. Colleen --- I plan to shop for a LARGE handbag next week and, yes, it is so much fun!!!