Wednesday, April 29, 2009

switching teams

In general, I find that women are very accepting and even encouraging when I attempt to emulate a woman. Occasionally, I will encounter a woman who is disgusted by femulation, but most women in the circles I run around in are very accepting.

(Either that or I pass so well that they take me for a real woman, which may be true in a very small minority of cases.)

Anyway, why do women readily accept and even encourage men who femulate?

I have a theory. Most women have a secret: they believe that the female gender is the superior gender. Some women may vocalize that belief, but most do not and let men go on thinking that males are superior.

When a man emulates a woman, women respect a man who has seen the light and wants to switch teams. He may not realize that he is joining the better team, but women appreciate his intentions and some are willing to help him become the best woman he can be.

That is just my theory, but I think it might explain a thing or two.


  1. Hi Staci,

    I have used the switching teams metaphor myself when discussing my transgenderism with my SO.

    Hopefully making a permanent trade to the girls team in the not too distant future.

  2. April --- I hope your trade to the other team works out!

  3. I am a GW, and I think you're not far off the mark with your theory that most women (secretly) consider women to be the superior sex. Ashley Montague wrote a book with that title by the way, back in the day.

    Therefore, it stands to reason that I understand why my SO would rather live as a woman than as a man.

    I have often envied (and feared) men for their (perceived) power, but I have never wanted to be a man or even thought that, over all, they had it better.

  4. I think on some subconscious level, women don't considered a femulator the 'threat' that they might consider a man.

  5. I think this is really pretty true. I know that woman friends tell me all the time that females have it better and deserve it. But guys are almost always grossed out by femulation. We are sort of in the middle and can see both sides. Interesting that almost all of us prefer the distaff side. I do not know any women who would prefer to be male. I'm sure there are some - I know there are FTM TS out there, but I don't know of any females who try to seriously present as male.

  6. My wife feels that my whole group of CDs are just putting on a minstrel show and making a mockery of women..


  7. My personal experiences are that women are no more accepting of femulation than men, but it could be my location ("The South") and age group (X-er -- my self-centered generation is most responsible for the housing bubble).

  8. Zosimus the HeathenMay 05, 2009

    While I wouldn't go so far as to say I think women are superior to men (or vice versa for that matter), I've long believed that femininity has its own strengths and benefits, and that wise is the man who recognizes this (and wiser still is he if he seeks to cultivate his own feminine side and use it to his advantage). Certainly I've never felt "weak" or "shameful" for giving expression to the feminine aspects of my own being.