Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am jazzed* about spending four days en femme in New York City!

My workshop is in the Chelsea section of NYC and I plan to stay at a hotel within a short walking distance of the workshop.

Chelsea seems to be a perfect choice for a T-girl. According to Wikipedia, "Chelsea is a melting pot of cultures. Above 23rd Street, by the Hudson River, the neighborhood is post-industrial, featuring the newly-hip High Line that follows the river all through Chelsea. Eighth Avenue is a center for LGBT-oriented shopping and dining, and from 20th to 22nd street between Ninth and Tenth avenue, mid-nineteenth century brick and brownstone townhouses are still occupied, a few even restored to single family use.

"Since the mid-1990s, Chelsea has become a center of the New York art scene, as art galleries moved there from SoHo."

This is very exciting!

Between now and then, I have to decide what to bring to wear. I figure something casual for the daytime and something dressier for the evenings. Maybe two outfits each that I can mix and match to create eight outfits. Maybe I will even have to buy something new. What a dilemma!!!

I came across an interesting story about another girl's adventures in New York City. I hope my four days in NYC are as half as good as her six days there!

Did I mention how jazzed I am about the prospects of this trip?

* In all my life, I never used the word "jazzed" until now. I think I needed something to kick me out of the winter doldrums and this must be it!


  1. Staci
    You used it twice! Wow! You really are excited about your trip to NYC. I wish you all the fun and adventure that a trip like that should produce. Isn't it wonderful to have the dilemma about having to shop for that perfect outfit to take on a wonderful trip? Good luck on the search and have a GREAT Time in the big apple!

  2. Staci,
    I hope you have a really wonderful time there. It sounds like the perfect place for a very creative person like you to visit. I'm very envious! ;-)

    I also want to thank you for that great link you included in your post. I'm flying en-femme for the very first time Sunday to a business conference in Las Vegas, and I have been so paranoid about all the security. You have such spot-on timing! And as usual for business trips, I'll probably have maybe 6 hours over three days to actually relax and see the sights ;-(

    It could be worse, I could have to be in drab for those 3 days!



  3. Coleen --- I am VERY excited because it will be the first time I will be living as a woman for an extended period of time outside of anything that can be considered a "closet."

  4. Linda --- Glad to help! Have a great flight an en femme.