Monday, April 20, 2009

on tap

I need some new stuff!

I saw a nice girly dress at Fashion Bug yesterday, but I was in boy mode and did not want to try it on without foundation garments, so I will have to return en femme.

With my upcoming "Staci Does New York City" adventure in mind, I am looking for a big handbag. I saw this one on the Payless Web site that fits the bill (it is big and "edgy," just like me). The local Payless store did not have it in stock, so I will have to try some other stores or order one online.

I received an e-mail over the weekend from Professor Schildroth at Southern Connecticut State University inviting me to do outreach at her two human sexuality classes during the first week of May. That will probably be my next outing en femme and I am looking forward to it; not just being out en femme, but having an opportunity to speak to civilians about being trans.

I don't know for a fact, but I imagine that when a college student taking a human sexuality class learns that a crossdresser is coming in for show and tell, he/she might expect a refugee from The Jerry Springer Show to show up. Hopefully, my presentation leaves them with a more positive impression.


  1. Staci,

    If you have a Kohl's in your area you might want to check out their bags. They have designer Dana Buckman bags on sale for about 30% off I think.

    P.S. I actually went to high school with Dana Buckman. She was a grade ahead of me, though.

  2. Laurie --- Yes, there are Kohl's around here, so thank you for the tip.