Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me

A Dress A Day is one of the blogs I read regularly. (If you love vintage dresses, you will love A Dress A Day.)

Erin, the brains behind A Dress A Day, recently reviewed a book titled Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me. The book offers fashion advice and in my opinion, belongs in the library of every serious femulator (read the review and decide for yourself). I dunno about you, but my mother offered me no fashion advice for the distaff side of my closet, so this book will fill that void.


  1. I nearly picked up that book the other day, but I'm still meandering through Genevieve Dariaux's "The Men In Your Life", as well as re-reading her "Elegance". Both of these books should be staples of any sophisticate's library, male, female, or somewhere between. While her advice is primarily aimed toward women, most of what she says is equally applicable to everyone in general, and what isn't serves as valuable insight into the female perspective.

    But as with all vintage dames, try not to get too caught up with some of the seeming anachronisms. Not everything pre-Feminism was negative.

    I'll get to M. van der Post right after I brush up my Dariaux...

  2. Gemma --- I plan to order "Things I Wish My Mother Told me" from Amazon this weekend.