Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jahna Steele

I happened upon this article, "15 Overlooked Deaths of 2008," which is about "the unsung deaths, the people whose passing went largely unnoticed, but deserved better."

Number 13 in the list of overlooked deaths is Jahna Steele, "a Las Vegas showgirl who was voted 'Sexiest Showgirl on the Strip' in 1991, and 'Most Beautiful Showgirl' in 1993. She also happened to have a penis."

You can visit Ms. Steele's Web site here.


  1. Poor Jahna!!! I had no idea that she passed on. How awful!!!
    I'm sure that she did get to live some good times but I'm afraid that the bad times might have caught up to her. That's truly sad but it's ain't easy being green...
    Thx, Staci....
    PS Peace to your soul, Jahna.

  2. I thought the write-up about her was a little derogatory with the use of the word "she-males" and about bring them back her back to their rooms.

    They did use female pronouns though.

  3. Deja --- You're welcome.

    Diana --- Considering the source (, it does not surprise me.