Monday, December 15, 2008

tall at the mall

After spending over four hours Christmas shopping at the mall yesterday, I have two observations:
  • Young women are getting taller. I noticed a lot of women hovering around six feet in height. Maybe it's better nutrition or maybe a women's basketball team was in town. I dunno, but as a tall femulator, I sure made note of it.
  • People are friendlier. About a half-dozen times yesterday, complete strangers, both male and female, greeted me as if we were old friends (by the way, I was in boy mode). Maybe it's the Christmas spirit, maybe somebody spiked their eggnog, or maybe folks are relieved that change is in the air. I dunno, but it was refreshing.


  1. We go to the same hotel on an island off the SW Florida coast every July 4th. This year, I noted that about 1/3 of the women of all ages were easily 5-8 or taller.

  2. Another "trend" I've noticed is women wearing skirts and heels to the mall. I was told years ago, that if I didn't want to "stand out" while shopping, I shouldn't wear a skirt or high heels. My last two mall outings, at least half of the women I observed wore skirts or dresses, and most of them were wearing shoes with 3" heels or higher. Go figure.

  3. We're eating better compared to earlier generations, and we have lots of growth hormones in our food now. It's not too surprising.

    So, considering that my Asian father was 5'4" tall, how did I get to be 6'1"? My 5'9" European mother with her 6'0" father and 6'2" brother, that's how! At least I got my mother's relatively small feet. What a couple they made!

    Now, my daughter on the other hand, is going to get the double whammy. My wife is about 5'10" tall, and sports a pair of 38DD's. My mother is a 36C, and all the other women on my side of the family are pretty well stacked, as are all the women on her side of the family.

    Hopefully, she'll also inherit the Seymour skinny body, like me and my cousins. My wife's side of the family is a little more zaftig, if you know what I mean. Well, my daughter looks just like my mother at her age (it's scary!), so hopefully she won't have too many issues! I imagine she'll end up around 5'11", and hopefully she won't be looking for a breast reduction at 18 years old...

  4. Roscoe, Jaye, & Gemma --- All these trends are in our favor!

  5. I also noticed last night at a Christmas event that about 1/4 of the mothers at my older child's school are very tall. It is a private Baptist church-sponsored school, however, and not representative of the general population.

    (I'm not religious, but secular private schools are practically non-existent where I live.)