Sunday, January 27, 2008

vintage crossdressing (circa 1959)


  1. Back in the 70s, the National Lampoon (or maybe the Harvard Lampoon) did a Sunday newspaper parody. The paper was from "Dacron, OH" and had a comics section. In it was a Blondie sequence, an expansion of the one-picture one that you did, where Blondie was using Dagwood as a dress dummy while he was oblivious as to what she was doing, even when he answered the doorbell.

    Alas, I believe my copy disappeared during a move many years ago.

  2. I have that issue of National Lampoon and I well remember the Blondie parody. And, by the way, the comic book pictured above is the actual cover of Blondie #131 and is not a parody!