Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How old does Staci / Lana look?

Thank you for participating in my poll.

For the record, I am 56 years old going on 57 in seven weeks.

I must be doing something right because 75% of the voters think I look younger than my actual age and over half (52%) think I look ten years younger than I really am.

Only 14% think I look my actual age, while 8% think I look older than I actually am.

Anyone who thinks I look 60 or older either needs glasses or is just jealous of my Amazonian beauty. I should just discount their votes, but I am sugar and spice nice and will let them have their say (no matter how catty they are).

On the other hand, anyone who thinks I look younger than 19 also needs to check their eyeglass prescription!

Here are the full results:

19 years old or younger: 3 votes (4%)
20 to 29 years old: 2 votes (2%)
30 to 39 years old: 13 votes (17%)
40 to 49 years old: 39 votes (52%)
50 to 59 years old: 11 votes (14%)
60 to 69 years old: 3 votes (4%)
70 years old or older: 3 votes (4%)

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