Monday, January 21, 2008

the rest of the story

Back in May, I wrote here about how I e-mailed my state senator and state representative asking them to support the gender anti-discrimination bill.

My state representative replied, but my state senator did not and he voted against the bill. The state senate passed the legislation despite my senator's negative vote, but the bill never came up for a vote in the state house of representatives.

Out of the blue, I received an e-mail from my state senator yesterday. He wrote:
"I was reviewing old emails and came across yours, to which I do not believe I ever responded. Please accept my apologies for that oversight. As you may know by now, I voted against the bill in the Education Committee and on the floor of the Senate because of the provision relating to our public schools. I was and remain concerned that young children may not be able to comprehend the fundamental change that someone in this situation is experiencing. I appreciate your writing to me about this and would encourage you to contact me again for any reason."
I have no comment, so far.


  1. Dear Senator

    You may not be aware that here in Connecticut we already have a number of student who are attending or have attended school that have transitioned. You have not heard about these students because the school systems and the other students did not make an issue of their being transsexual.
    In our neighboring states, teachers and administrator have transitioned on the job with minimal publicity. Once the press left the schools alone the classes got back to normal. It was not the students who had a problem with the teachers and administrator transitions but it was the parents. For children today it is an “Oh Hum” event, but for our generation it is something that was never talked about and therefore it is a bigger deal to us than to the students.

  2. Excellent response, Diana!