Friday, January 11, 2008

dress to shop

I'll admit it: I overdress when I go out en femme and am a prime candidate for OA (Overdressers Anonymous). But, I just found a perfect excuse for dressing up when I go shopping: better service.

Read about it here.


  1. Funny that you should post this on the same day that I first "solo'd".

    I don't dress often, but my makeup came out well and I thought I looked pretty passable, but I never really know. I had to drop off some computer equipment at a recycler and I figured, why not?

    I spoke to three people at the recycler, and the only comment was "have you been here before?" I said yes, but left out what I was thinking "... but not dressed like this".

    Confidence building, I went to a nearby mall where I asked a makeup lady in L & T if she could help me fix my brows. She also asked if I'd been there before. I hadn't, but now I'm wondering.... Anyway, she worked on my brows, but I wasn't really satisfied so I went to Macy's where there was an Elizabeth Arden makeup lady who was in her mid-40s but looked great, makeup like I'd like to wear. I was on a tight schedule but I liked her look and waited longer than I should. She was friendly, put me at ease, I spent more than I wanted to and went home with a simpler look than I was doing.

    And, yes, I was overdressed: a suit that consisted of a tank dress with a back-zip fitted pullover jacket on top. Hose, patent high heels, gold necklace and bracelet and several people in the cosmetics dept complimented my makeup and outfit.

    No odd looks (that I noticed). I wish I'd asked the people I spoke with "when did you realise I wasn't a woman?" but I didn't, dammit!

    I think I'm ready for anything now.