Saturday, January 19, 2008

shopping today

The little woman wanted me to take her to Marshalls to look for a coat to buy, so I did.

While she was trying on every coat in her size, I spied a cute cream colored cropped retro sweater jacket in XL for $25.

The more coats my wife tried on, the more I wanted that sweater jacket.

My wife did not find a coat to buy, but I decided to buy the sweater jacket and when I returned home, I tried it on and it was a perfect fit.

Funny! Going into the store, my wife remarked how often we go shopping for her and she comes home with nothing, while I come home with something.


  1. Staci,

    I know exactly what you mean! My wife and I are the same way. She will need a new outfit, we will head to the mall, and she will spend hours trying things on and come home frustrated and empty handed, while I will typically find two or three things that I like and might even fit well enough to purchase.

    So I have been pondering over these differences (besides the obvious):

    1. Do I just have a much less refined sense of style and what looks good than her? (I'm working hard on this!)

    2. Am I missing issues on the cut or fit I should be seeing?

    3. Is my self image more realistic, do to the nature of the game?

    4. Is her self image still striving to get her 'look' back where it was 10 or 20 years ago? (from one of your recent blogs, it looks like we're very close to your age group).

    5. Is she carrying some 'emotional baggage' from years past about her looks? i.e. Dawn Steel in "They Can Kill You..but They Can't Eat You" states her Mom made a comment about her arms when she was a teen, and she never gone sleeveless since then.

    6. Or my personal favorite, designers are making more clothes that fit our statuesque bodies better and forsaking traditional women?

    These are serious questions! I think that I need to head off to the mall right away and do more research... ;-)



  2. Hello Linda,

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    In our case, my wife is VERY picky about the clothes she buys, while I am not so picky.