Monday, June 10, 2024

Suff: Restocking

By J.J. Atwell

After Spring Cleaning

Previously, I wrote about Spring Cleaning, which covered thinning out your closet. You all did that, didn’t you? Well, now that you have all that extra room in your closet, it’s time to find new Stuff. Yes, all that spring cleaning made you eager to go shopping.

How Do I Start?

I like to start by staring at my closet. I think about what I need to fill in the holes. Holes as in needing a skirt to go with a particular top. Or new jeans (without holes) because the old ones were, well old. Maybe a new dress for an upcoming occasion? I generally keep a list of things in my head of what I might need. But it may help to write it down if you’re heading out on a major shopping trip. Be sure to know your sizes. 

Where Should I Shop?

Yes, that is a trick question. Shop anywhere that sells women’s clothing... even if you are presenting as a guy that day. If you are asked if you need any help, say something like please show me where your jeans are. If they ask what size you are looking for, be frank and say the size you think is right. Perhaps, ask if they are returnable. 

It’s possible that a sales agent (SA) might even ask if they are for you. Be frank (Francine?) and don’t try to disguise your shopping by saying it’s a gift. They’ve already pegged you. Go ahead and own it. You’ll likely start a good relationship and the SA can give you good advice about what is current and what matches, etc. Be sure to join any loyalty club the store may offer as it will pay off on future visits. 

I know some of our Femulate community try on clothes in the store. If you are presenting as female, then go right ahead. But if you are in guy mode, I suggest not doing that. Why? Because without your shapewear, you can’t really see how the item will look on you when en femme. Instead, check the return policy and then try it on at home with the necessary padding, etc. (Stana says, “Another option when shopping I boy mode: wear your shapewear under your menswear.”)

How About Shopping Online?

Lots of us shop online. It’s an easy, anonymous way to shop. And the prices usually aren’t bad either. But there are also serious drawbacks. To me the most significant is the inability to know the quality of the item. Is it well-made? Is it the right size? How does the fabric feel? Things like that. So be sure if you are shopping online that you know the return policy. 

I know some people who will actually buy two of an item a size apart. When the item arrives, they do a try on and keep the one that fits the best while returning the other one. Sounds a bit crazy to me but perhaps necessary if you can’t really tell what size you’ll need from the product description. 

But I Can’t Afford It!

OK, I mentioned prices above. That’s certainly a limiting criteria for most of us. Especially as this is about building a second wardrobe. Of course you can with great self-control, limit yourself to sales. The big box stores almost always have a sale going on. Plus, they likely will have a section of close-out items that are good deals. My experience with those sections, however, is that I see why they didn’t sell in the first place – they were hideous. But one girl’s hideous is another’s glamorous. 

Have you considered thrifting? It’s a fun adventure if you like the hunt and is incredibly cheap. More about thrifting in a future installment.

I’ll Be Back

I’m not sure just what kind of schedule I’ll be keeping, but I do plan on finding more Stuff to write about. Until then, I welcome comments here on Stana’s page or by email at Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com

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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2024

    Learn to play the “on-line game”. Although this doesn't always work, it's worth a try. I will put some items in a cart and go to checkout. At that time, I will close the window. Sometimes I will get "shipping for free", sometimes a discount code, and sometimes nothing. Still, it's worth a try.
    Like J.J., I wholeheartedly endorse joining Loyalty Programs. And these can be significant, with free shipping, money off, better sales, early access to sales. My VS program gives me money, off and better sales, like 8 panties instead of 5.

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2024

    I have secured a number of bargains in the clearance section @ Ross ,Burlington etc-specifically maxi dresses. Why? because the dresses were long enough to suit my 6' height but had so much detail at the hem that alteration would ruin them not to mention that alteration would probably cost more that the dress. So 6 footers you face very little competition from other shoppers

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2024

    As a 6-footer I learned a long time ago that certain dresses are going to be problematic and need to avoid them. It's not only height but also the male body. I have to stay away from dresses with a defined waistline and go for empire waists, wraps and sheaths. A defined waistline's result is a waist that looks like some old guy with his belt pulled up to his nipple line. Most of the major department stores and ebay sellers will give the length of a dress from the nape of the neck to the hem, so I can get some idea where it will fall with my 6-foot height. A midi-length will fall just below the knee and still look nice. Once my eye caught a summer long dress display at the local Sears. I figures the empire waist would work well. To my amazement the hem of the dress actually rested on the top of my feet. Any average height woman would have had that dress dragging on the floor. I went back for another in a different pattern. The other clue with on-line posting is the type of fabric; stretchy fabric with a little give or a "fit like a glove." I have been able to buy at JCP's on-line sales dresses that original cost $70+ for under $20. Panties are another easy on-line purchased. My email in-box gets a lot of offers for 5 for $50 and sometimes less.