Thursday, June 27, 2024

Femulating at the Movies

I have an affinity for films that include crossdressing in their plot. The crossdressing may be incidental to the plot or it may be the main storyline. The film may be great or it may be a stinker. In either case, my main interest is the quality of the femulation. 

With wardrobe and cosmetic professionals at their disposal, I expect film femulations to be above of average, if not excellent – something that can inspire femulators everywhere. As a result, I often include femulations from films and television shows. 

George White, a longtime reader of this blog, seems to be a fan of crossdressing films, too. George has built a website called “Temporary Girls” that enumerates films in which a cisgender male appears en femme for one reason or another. The website lists approximately 150 films in all with new finds being added all the time. It even includes films that I did not know included femulating!

So click here to visit George's excellent website.

Source: Rue La La
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Georgina Beyer
Georgina Beyer


  1. It's not en femme as much as playing a trans woman. So it's not including like when someone's in disguise, so no Charley's Aunt or Tootsie or so on. I think I might do
    a separate list for when cis men play trans women. Some of them are a bit nebulous (Matthew Lillard in Hackers' pigtailed androgynously dressed goofball is a more convincing portrayal of the trans women i know than Eddie Redmayne or Jared Leto ever were, and Marlene McFly isn't explicitly a trans woman, but considering she is one of male and female identical twins, and played by Michael J Fox, and has T-girl swag...)
    I've put characters there who do drag and to me read as transsexual.
    And a few examples of cis men playing trans men (Z-Man in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Jose Luis Lopez Vasquez in My Dearest Senorita) if it features them en femme, or in the case of Private Parts (1972), a cis man playing a cis woman who has been transed against her will.

  2. AnonymousJune 27, 2024

    Stana, I Love the flowery dress you are wearing