Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Close Calls

I have had a few close calls in my life.

Home alone, fully-dressed in my parents’ bedroom wearing my mother’s clothing including bra, girdle, nylons, high heels and a pretty dress, I heard the garage door under the bedroom opening indicating that I was no longer home alone. I hurried upstairs to my bedroom, changed into boy clothes and managed to present as a male to my mother and sister, who arrived home from grocery shopping. I then hid Mom’s clothing until I was home alone again when I returned the clothing to their proper place. 

Mom never mentioned the missing clothing – I guess she really didn’t miss it or she knew where it was, but did not say anything. And there is more to that story... when I hurried upstairs, I left her high heels on my parent’s bed and I had to come up with a lame excuse as to why the heels were out. My excuse was that I was drawing a picture and needed the heels to accurately draw the shoes in my picture. She seemed to have bought my story or did she?

Another time home alone fully dressed and the doorbell rang. I snuck a look outside and it was my uncle. He persisted and rang the doorbell a few times, but finally gave up and drove away.

Yet, another time, I was shopping en femme in Macy’s and spotted my company’s receptionist walking down the aisle towards me. I ducked down another aisle and managed to avoid encountering her.

In a comment here last week, Diana recalled another close call that I had at a support group meeting... of all places! Before the meeting, a group of us were chatting out on the stoop at the entrance to the meeting hall, which was next to the hall’s driveway.  

A car pulled into the driveway and it displayed a license plate with a ham radio callsign. I recognized the callsign – it belonged to a ham I spoke with on the air occasionally and had met in person a few times.

I panicked! I decided to hide, so I hurried inside and camped out in the ladies’ room. 

While I was thinking about what to do, I wondered if he recognized my car parked on the street and wanted to see what I was up to? But it was unlikely that he would be cruising this neck of the woods. Then it occurred to me that maybe he was one of us. He would not be the first (or last) crossdressing ham I encountered, so I exited the restroom and greeted a new trans sister to our support group.

Had a close call? I’m sure Femulate readers would love to read about yours, so pass it along in the Comments below.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Lance Barber
Lance Barber femulating on television’s Young Sheldon.
Thanks to Tami and Zoe for alerting Femulate about this femulation.


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2024

    My first foray into the world of dresses came at eight years old. My sister, a trendsetter, had a collection of clothes that screamed "borrow me!" One day, the house was empty, and the paisley dress with fishnet stockings (the epitome of cool in my 4th grade class) called to me. Euphoria washed over me as I twirled in the mirror, feeling fantastic. But then, disaster struck - my sister's car pulled in. In a frantic dash, I ripped the dress off, threw it back in her closet, and dove into my PJs. She had to suspect Thankfully, she never mentioned it.

    Another close call involved my mom's clothes. I thought I'd covered my tracks perfectly, but a misplaced wig and girdle betrayed my secret mission. Mom, understandably, wasn't thrilled. From then on, caution became my middle name.

    The most nerve-wracking incident happened on a business trip in Florida. I thought I was alone, but fate had other plans. A colleague, someone who wasn't exactly sunshine and roses, appeared around the corner just as I stepped out of the elevator. My heart lurched, but I kept my cool and continued on – a close shave that left me breathless —-/Paula G

  2. AnonymousJune 05, 2024

    My worst close call was after our son was born. My wife's workplace maternity outfits were still in her closet. She and the baby were out. I got myself dressed up in one of her maternity work suits. They seemed to suit my male build quite well. I put on pantyhose and a slip and sat on a chair in our bedroom and enjoying being dressed up for the first time since the baby was born. Suddenly I heard an unexpected hello.

    I pulled everything off and as Stana did, stowed it all under our bed. We were contemplating getting our townhouse painted and we'd painted sample colors on the wall. I pulled on gym shorts and a tee shirt and quickly opened up two cans of new samples we'd picked up and began painting test spots.

    My wife entered with the baby and said, "oh good I was hoping you'd get those samples on the wall."

    Then she looked at me and asked, "why are you sweating so much? Are you OK?

    I made an excuse about the hot weather. She didn't question me further and when she took the baby back downstairs I quickly put away her garments.

    At that point in our marriage she knew I had an interest in dressing up as a girl. I'd confessed that as a child I'd been a girl for a couple of Halloweens, but it wasn't part of our lives together. It never has been.

    I'm glad I wasn't caught.


  3. I had 2 close calls in 2 weeks - and wrote about them in my blog.

    1. There are no close calls for me as I openly wear dresses, painted nails, and on Sunday mornings, heels and makeup. I as a man don't pretend to be a woman, particularly with my bass voice. I have had almost no pushback with my appearance.


  4. AnonymousJune 05, 2024

    I was never confronted by my parents but I am sure they tried to catch me "in the act." Why else would they suspect one of their sons was messing around in mom's lingerie dresser draws since someone had snapped a strap on her one and only black bra? My father had off from work two days in the middle of the week and worked weekend shifts. They had left our sixth floor apartment for a walk in the neighborhood which with hindsight was something they never ever did. I could see them from my bedroom window and figured I had plenty of time to don one of my mother's sundresses that she stored in the closet in the bedroom I shared with my brother. I slipped into it, figuring I had plenty of time to strip it off my body and stow it away. Yikes! When I looked out the window I could not see them and then I heard the apartment door being opened. Fortunately, the apartment door had a security chain on it that I had engaged before donning the dress. During the time I was shedding the dress and putting on my boy clothes my father tried his best to break through the chain. They must have known I was doing something. I was able to pack away the dress and get to the door before my father broke through. I told them I had been on the toilet which was the reason for taking so long to undo the security chain. I could offer no reason for the security chain to be put in place. I am sure, if they were able to confirm their suspicions, I would have been had my butt beat. They were homophobic and any male who wore women's clothing had to be a really derogatory word.

  5. AnonymousJune 05, 2024

    Hey Stana,
    How about when my daughter's college roommate was crossing the street from the other side in front of Madison Square Garden? I just looked away and hurried. Oh, even though I was in the front of the crowd being one of several hundred crossing at the same didn't hurt either!

  6. AnonymousJune 05, 2024

    My neighbour thought I might be the one stealing her stockings and girdle hanging on her clothesline one night. It was not me but she gave me an idea to "borrow" from another neighbours clothesline. She still confronted me about it and I said it wasn't me but probably the weirdo kid from another street. She set up traps whenever me and my mom went over but I did not bite. I then realized my friends mom had these incredible black patent stilleto heels from Italy that I was obsessed over. I should borrow them and they fit a bit loose but I grew into them over time. Now I could prance around the house and practice my walk with them. One day while enjoying Brenda time, my mom came home early and I managed in the nick of time to jump into the bathroom. I swear she saw me but I took a shower as an excuse and seemed to get away with it. My mom then used to mention how all the girls would be jealous of my legs. She didn't mention how a 3 inch heel made them look even better hihi. I used to get crazy with excitement when my mom's friends came over for gossip and tea with all those high heels and reinforced stockings. Once her friend caught me at the bottom of the stairs trying a pair of heels on and that's another story Hugs Brenda

  7. Christina d´YvonJune 05, 2024

    i had many close calls by my parents, mostly my mom.when she started working again i started to spend all afternoons dressed as a girl at home, before both parenty came home. never was caught on the spot, but often ran and hid in the bathroom to undress. it took me 20 years to realize that one day that oh so beautiful set of lacy white satin bra and panties that had appeared in my moms closet and lay just atop the folded clothes pile, and that miraculously got washed and ironed often and placed back was a bait, and a clever way of my mom to avoid me wearing her own lingerie. teenagers are stupid. and moms just know.

    1. Hi Christina, Your last line is perfect: "teenagers are stupid and moms just know". I swore to myself that I was putting my mom's pantyhose and slips back *exactly* how I found them but, looking back now, there's no way she didn't know!

    2. AnonymousJune 08, 2024

      As a teen I'd regularly dress up as a girl at home when my parents were out. I was extremely careful to put mom's girdles, bras, stockings, and slips away exactly how she'd left them. However, she mentioned that she believed that someone was rifling through her "delicates."

      There was a boy three houses from us who had a reputation for stealing and breaking into homes. He and I had been friends throughout grade school, but drifted apart in high school.. My family suspected he'd entered our house through our unlocked back door.

      Finally my parents decided that all the doors needed to be locked when no one was home. The very next weekend our back door was broken in and some liquor and my personal stash of money was stolen. My former friend knew of my hiding places in my bedroom.

      Mom said, "it must be Jerry who is going through my things."

      Interestingly Jerry had dressed up as a girl for Halloween and for a skit at school. Sometimes he boasted that it was "fun." Perhaps Jerry liked it more than anyone suspected.

      He knew nothing of my crossdressing and I have no idea if Jerry went through my mom's things or if his break in at our home offered cover for me.

      If mom suspected me, she never mentioned it.

  8. Stana, I am afraid that I do not understand. Are you saying that the other HAM operator was the new trans sister at the meeting?


    1. Yes, the ham whose callsign license plate I recognized turned out to be a new trans member of our support group.

  9. Once, I was home alone as a ~12 year old. I was dressed in my mom's clothes. Someone started knocking on our door. I ran to my room and changed clothes. The person at the door was visiting our house for whatever reason. I had to run past the door, that had a window with thin curtains on it. She probably saw someone run past, and she probably heard me running in the heels. She gave up and left. I never heard any more about it.

    Another time, I was in my early 20's. I was still living with my parents. I was home alone. I put on some nude pantyhose and shorts and went for a walk around the neighborhood after dark. At one point, I noticed that there was a car in the driveway of my house. It was my brother. He had brought his daughters over to the house to use my computer for a school essay. I tore the legs out of the hose and made sure there were no dangling threads. In horror, I knew that there was a pair of black tights on my bed, in the room where the computer was.
    I hurried home. When they were not in my room, I put away the tights. No questions were asked... I did not ask what they saw or thought, of course.

  10. AnonymousJune 09, 2024

    My mother would store some of her girdles in our spare bedroom/study room. To make my exam studying a little more tolerable, I would grab a few girdles and pantyhose (my mothers girdles were a little big, and I could not stop at just one LOL!) and headed to the bathroom across the hall to dress-loved the feeling! About an hour later, my mother entered the study room. She was rummaging through the drawers looking for something. With my back to her, I watched via a reflection in the picture frame above my desk. I tried to remain claim and pretended to be studying. My thoughts were racing if confronted by her for possible reasons as to why I was wearing her girdles. She stopped searching, leaving the room empty handed. After I determined the coast was clear, I quickly raced to the bathroom to undress and return the items back to their original location. I always noted how the girdles were folded and would returned them back to their original location. My mother returned a short time later, and once again went through the drawers. This time she seemed to have found what she was looking for, standing there with a perplexed look (I now question if the lingerie was still warm to the touch?!). This time, fear was racing through my body, just waiting for the confrontation. Nothing was said, she just left and did not return. I stopped dressing when studying for a little while, however the temptation was too strong and risked it all to satisfy the need!
    To this day, I'm not sure if she suspected something, or if she was truly looking for a particular item-my money is on that she suspected something!