Thursday, June 13, 2024

Hard Work

What is the most difficult thing a man has to do in order to pass as a woman when he crossdresses?

When crossdressing to pass as a woman, attention to detail is crucial. Here are some key aspects:

Body Language and Mannerisms: Pay attention to how women move, stand, and gesture. Practice feminine body language to appear more natural.

Voice: Work on your voice pitch and tone. A feminine voice can significantly enhance your overall presentation.

Eyebrows: Well-groomed, sculpted eyebrows contribute to a convincing look.

Clothing and Style: Choose clothing that flatters your body shape. Learn about fashion, colors, and accessories.

Makeup: Learn makeup techniques to soften features and create a more feminine appearance.

Walking in Heels: Practice walking confidently in heels or other feminine footwear.

Confidence: Walk with a smile, make eye contact, and act like you belong. Confidence helps you blend in.

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Pete Burns
Pete Burns


  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2024

    One other key aspect is figure.I have often seen photos of crossdressers on line with quality wigs, great makeup, their busts in proportion, great outfits well accessorised, who nevertheless fail to pass, because they have done nothing about the width of their hips or thighs. Both prosthetics (hip and thighs pads) and skirts that flare outward from the waist can help to give a suitably feminine figure.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2024

    I am not a bad looking man, but I cannot transform myself into a beautiful woman. It simply doesn't work. When I was a little boy I wanted to wear dresses and feel pretty. I dressed up as a girl whenever I could and savored every moment that I was en femme.

    I stopped trying to be a beautiful woman and today I simply try to enjoy the feeling of wearing women's clothes. I do this almost exclusively in private. To those of you who successfully pull it off, congratulations. I think it's great. To those who can't, but don't care and dress up in public, that's great too.

    I want to fee that what I is great and not feel pressure to do otherwise.

  3. AnonymousJune 14, 2024

    Me? Well, at six foot barefooted and 200 lbs there is not anything I can do to not get a glance. The mere bulk is enough to "out" me. My comfort level is in-home. I have gone out many times in the evening in a safe neighborhood. I have learned to wear comfortable footwear which is a wedge with a two inch rise. As a tall man I have to remember to not "leg it out" like a man, but take shorter steps. It's always dresses for me, no pants. I am not a fan of butt and thigh padding, comfort please. I wear empire waists, wraps and sheaths which do not cling to my body. That little bit of flares works. Hands? Big hands? sometimes I will walk with a shawl draped over my hands or arms crossed and in my arm pits while holding a shoulder bag in a manner to avoid its theft. I live in the Great Pacific Northwest where the fall and winter guarantees lots of gentle falling rain. An umbrella works well to partially obscure my height and shield my face from people too close to me for my comfort.

  4. AnonymousJune 20, 2024

    I dislike the term ‘pass’. It suggests there is a standard that women should adhere to, in order to look decent. I have a male body, I’m tall but I make sure I Westport clothes that fit. I’m transgender and extremely proud that I can be out as myself and visible. I get looks but u less I get abuse, I don't care. People who look different always get attention. The more of us out there, the more we will become normal for people.