Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Best of Both Worlds

How to Date Men When You Hate Men was in Monday’s offerings from BookBub. I did not purchase the book and have no plans of doing so. However, when I saw the book listed on BookBub, I immediately thought of a solution to the conundrum presented in the book’s title: date a femulator.

If you hate men, dating a femulator is a perfect solution. You will be dating a man who does not look or act like a man. Rather he looks and acts like a woman.

And you will have a new girlfriend who will be loyal and appreciative that you chose “her” as a date. (Finding supportive women is at the top of every femulator’s wish list.) 

In addition, you will have a girlfriend with a little something extra (if you know what I mean). You will have the best of both worlds!

Source: Boston Proper
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Vladimir Luxuria
Vladimir Luxuria

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  1. I notice on Sunday mornings when I'm dressed en femme as usual women readily hug me. When I occasionally wear a man's coat and tie outfit they aren't so likely to hug me.