Wednesday, January 25, 2023

That Could Have Been Me!

I have been accused of being a pedophile when I post photos of young femulators participating in womanless beauty pageants. If that makes me a pedophile, then the civilians who posted the pageant photos originally are guilty, too.

I assure you I am not a pedophile. But I do enjoy viewing photos of young womanless beauty pageant contestants because it reminds me of what I missed as a young femulator. That could have been me!

But growing up, there were no womanless events in my neck of the woods. The only opportunities I had to crossdress among the civilians was on Halloween. And in my “youth,” I only selected the crossdressing option once and by then the bloom was off the rose. I was already in college and at the end of my teen years. And no one helped me with my costume – not like today’s pageant contestants, who have their mothers and sisters fine-tuning their feminine presentation.

If I had asked for help, I like to think that my mother would have lent a hand. After all, one time she willingly made my face up as a girl when she misunderstood my desire to do my face up as a clown. She might have even provided me with proper women’s underwear (bra and girdle) rather than the boy’s underwear I wore my first time out.

But I missed the boat, so all I can do is admire my young fellow femulators. 

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Stella McCartney

Garry Moore and Durward Kirby
Garry Moore and Durward Kirby femulating on television’s The Garry Moore Show, circa 1960.


  1. The Smile smile on this contestants face tells me that she is not a civilian and is really enjoying the experience, especially if you notice the the attention to detail here

    Oh my gosh I too wish that I could have had opportunities like this when I was younger, today I look back at photos like this with nostalgia

    One has to wonder with today’s more open attitude about transgender persons if womanless pageants are now becoming an avenue for young transgender person’s to express themselves?

    Paula G

  2. Statistics will show that femulators are not pedophiles by any means. They just want to represent themselves as women or portray themselves as to their inner compass. They are also non-violent, law abiding and typically well behaved. People who make those comments are not understanding of what femulation actually is and have the wrong portrayal thus promote the wrong ideas to a gullible population. Hugs Brenda

    Some spew out misinformation to hide their own internal issues and sexual deviation.

  3. I did a womanless beauty contest in college. My girlfriend (future wife) did the full deal. She was in beauty school. I wore her prom dress with makeup, heels and wig. Wow what a great time. My only disappointment - I only got second place; lost to a drag queen. Oh well. .

  4. As Starla has observed, these pageants are very popular in the South. Wonder if there will be any backlash from mothers if laws like Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law or the anti-drag laws proposed in many Southern states force schools to stop having such events.

  5. Sorry to read of any accusations. If that is a person beliefs then the hundreds, if not thousands of videos on Youtube need to be taken down and the mom's who transformed their sons into daughter for a day (prom, Halloween) need to be arrested. I'd be more concerned of sending my son off the scout camp or a church youth group. IMHO, those people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and need a good dose of therapy.

  6. Dear Stana, I was also called a pedophile once, which those people (who are surely sick) don't understand. For example, I admire airplanes, I would have liked to be an airplane pilot, but I got too old to be able to study. I have a large collection of airplanes in photographs. The same goes for seeing young men transform into beautiful girls, there is NO sexual arousal on our part to see them, it is simply admiration.

  7. When I was growing up, in the early sixties, our church held a Womanless Wedding. My mom and dad were active in our church and I learned dad was going to be in the wedding. He was going to be the mother of the bride. I remember they borrowed a fancy dress that was my grandma's. Then I was told that a flower girl was still needed for the show and wouldn't I like to do that. I wasn't really given a choice, but I was dressed up in one of my cousin's dresses that she'd worn to a wedding. I remember walking down the aisle in the show and hearing my grandmother say, "he's a beautiful little girl." I bushed deeply. A girl from school saw me and giggled. Several years later I asked mom if I could dress up as a girl for halloween and she was quite willing to let me do it. However, after that I kept my crossdressing hidden away and I haven't dressed in public since.

  8. I've seen hundreds of Womanless Pagaent pics and I think they're wonderful! I'm sure the participants enter into it willingly and it must be a real eye-opener for these boys to experience femme things for the first time: wearing a glamorous gown and feeling and hearing the rustle of tulle underskirts against nylon-clad legs. The click-clack of high heels on the runway. I would SO loved to have entered one of those pageants aged 12/13.

    Rebecca x