Friday, September 23, 2022

Why do you wear high heels?

I receive email advertisements regularly from Abby at Vivian Lou. (I am a very satisfied customer of their weight-shifting insoles for high heels.) The following email ad showed up in my inbox recently and I thought I would share it with you since many of the readers here are high heel fans.

Women wear heels for a variety of reasons.

Dolly Parton has said she wears heels to lift her spirits.

Shoe designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal wears heels to feel taller, sexier, more confident, powerful, and glamorous.

French fashion icon Carine Roitfeld wears heels to move, sit and speak differently.

Fashion designer Monique Lhuillier wears heels to feel empowered. 

Rocker Lita Ford wears heels for attitude.

The former editor-in-chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman said, “Wearing a heel gives you a completely different feel about your body. In my case, it makes me feel in control.”

Whatever your reason for wearing high heels, it is our mission to help women like you - and the ones listed above - wear high heels 4x longer without pain so we can focus more on our dreams and less on our feet.

Here's to high heels without the hurt!



So, why do you wear high heels?

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Tam Williams
Tam Williams femulating on British television’s A Touch of Frost.
You can view this episode of A Touch of Frost on YouTube.


  1. Heels to me, give a great feeling of feminine posture compared to male posture. For that reason, among others, I will remain a heel fan at 70 years old. Phuque phalts.
    Angel Amore

  2. Why do most women like heels?
    In female mode we are no different
    I like them because , with the right outfit, they look smart
    They can emphasise the best parts of my legs, my skirt hides the worst parts
    Comfort has nothing to do with it

  3. I wear high heels because they make my legs look so feminine. It has taken some time to get used to wearing 4 inch stilettos but now I feel completely comfortable in them and I love to look In the mirror and thrill at the very feminine shape of my calves swathed in shimmering nylon.

  4. Part is the look, both of the sleek shoe and what it does to your calf and butt.

    Part is the sound. I like the click.

    But mostly, you MOVE differently, CARRY yourself differently. It calls to the femininity in you

    Note: Stilettos were worn during the making of this post

    1. Stilettos were also worn during the writing of my comment...haha! Black 4.5" stiletto with pointy toes:)

      Ciao! Elise

    2. 4" red ones, also pointy.. not as high as you

  5. Like the right clothing, hair, or makeup, I think a good pair of heels makes all the difference.

    Why do I wear them? They change how I walk, how my body feels as i move or sit, and they help me feel less 'male' when I have them on.

    I'll wear flats, Birkies, or ballet pumps, but for a fancy night out, heels are still my go to.

  6. The "Touch of Frost" does feed a nasty stereotype. The femulation, however, is excellent. I wonder if they dubbed the voice...

  7. Tam Williams did a great job femulating in that episode of "Frost" .

  8. The simple answer is: why not. To walk well in high heels requires grace and confidence, a gentle roll of the hips that exudes feminity. Who wouldn't want that?

    I love hearing my stilettos clicking on the hardwood floor, thinking there must be a well-heeled woman in the house, and then catch my reflection in heels and hose!

    Ciao! Elise

  9. Why do most women like heels?
    I don’t think that they do.
    Take a look around, the only women wearing high heels are those who are required for their job. TV personalities, executive assistants and a few others.
    At banquets and other semi formal event most women wear 1 or 2 inch heels.
    Heels are a pain in the back!

    1. Contrary to the above I find a day in heels of about 3" to 3.75" may make my feet feel a little 'tired' but the change in posture and re alignment of the spine fixes the chronic pain in my back for several days

  10. Why do you wear high heels? They throw my hips into an attractive angle.

  11. Back in the day, there was a documentary on British television on high heels, they had this song and I only remember it in part, ...I love high heels ... you stand above it all... I would like to see this documentary and hear the song again, anyone out there know?

    1. A quick Google search for I love high heels... came up with this song by the Kingston Trio I think it says it all, along with 20 more Songs About High Heels...
      I couldn't find the one you were looking for. I hope this helps
      Cheers Pamela.

  12. I wear 3.75 - 5 inch heels to relief hip pain from an injury. Everyday, almost everywhere, up to 16 hours straight. I don't want to exchange my hip pain for foot pain. I only buy heels that fit and feel comfortable to begin with. Style comes into play, because I only consider heels that I like the looks of. If I don't like the style it doesn't matter how they fit.
    For example, I wore my 4" inch wedges (5.5 heel, 1.5 platform) for 12 hours yesterday.
    Life's too short for heels that hurt!

  13. For a long time I would have sworn I wore heels to add levity to any situation. Then one day the ability was there to the point of where I dared to dance in heels for the first time.

  14. Because they make me feel sexy and feminine all at the same time. As much as I enjoy a woman wearing heels I as much enjoy wearing them. Hugs Brenda