Monday, September 12, 2022


Nathan Janak on Nickelodeon’s All That
Commenting on Friday’s The Iceberg post, Paula wrote that the Crossdressing Subreddit has over 235,000 subscribers – mostly younger, late teens to 20’s. What’s interesting is the taboo seems to be lifting. Many are out to friends; even more out to their girlfriends. The other thing I noticed is these crossdressers are really good at what they do – very pretty and passable.

I occasionally visit the Crossdressing Subreddit, but not too often because viewing the girls there makes me consider turning in my Official Femulator membership card. 

For starters, all the girls are young (much younger than I) and as a result, their femulations are exquisite (they all pass).

Many of the girls have no inhibitions regarding their crossdressing. They go out crossdressed everywhere, all the time and don’t think twice (it’s alright).

I read about one girl who was going clothes shopping and needed something that could be easily removed in the fitting room, so he/she borrowed a front buttoned dress from his/her wife! Remarkable!

Makes me wonder if the mainstreaming of crossdressing inspires young femulators to crossdress. Of course, there is the RuPaul franchise, but youngsters are more likely to watch Nickelodeon and that network’s All That, which includes some excellent young femulators.   

Anyway, visit the Crossdressing Subreddit and be inspired by the young femulators you will find there.   


I checked the online Google dictionary to make sure I spelled exquisite correctly in the above piece and found this archaic definition for the word: a man who is affectedly concerned with his clothes and appearance; a dandy. 

A Milestone

On Friday, the blog’s daily hit count reached an all-time high of 16,798! The previous all-time high (15,042) was recorded the day before.

By the way, 25,810,329 is the total hit count since this blog went live. 

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Ryan Alessi
Ryan Alessi femulating on Nickelodeon’s All That.


  1. 25.8 million! Wowzers!
    Congrats, Stana.

  2. Remember being young with fresh skin, no wrinkles, eyes not yet world weary? Yeah, it’s far easier to crossdress during that time. Also, if you still don’t pass - filters filters filters! Most pictures I see have been heavily retouched by automated femulate algorithms.


  3. There are a ton of cross dressing sub Reddit out there cross-dressers is the most popular one however as you mention Stana, these girls are also young and can be a bit discouraging because they are so good, but on the other hand they give us all hope a rising tide lifts all boats

    What do you say about the younger crowd is also true, we have to remember that most young persons in their late teens and 20s have gay friends in their social circle, so when these young persons go off to college or develop relationships they are very open about it.

    However this is not all true for all persons there are many out there who complain about very harsh conservative parents who torment and abuse them for their trans gender feelings

    If you would like to take a look at another sub Reddit cross dresser over 50 this probably would be more relatable for us girls here at femulator

    Paula G

    1. Paula, thanks for pointing out that "over 50" CD reddit. I agree that it is great that the younger generation have less inhibitions about CDing and being in public. Good for them. I think that is awesome.

      As for the rest of us mature ladies, we had it pretty rough and are still trying to come to terms with it all.

  4. It fills my heart with joy to see so many young males on Reddit following their instincts to experiment with feminine attire. Females get so much social rewards for dressing pretty and most of them have friends and relatives who are eager to teach them all the specialized knowledge of dressing pretty. Males might be blessed with a friend who can show them but probably have to rely on the internet. I didn’t have the internet when I was a budding skirt enthusiast. I relied on movies to learn how to put on pantyhose. There was a scene in “California Suite where Jane Fonda is getting dressed. She puts her skirt on and then pulls the hem up to yank her slip down straight underneath. I watched and learned wide-eyed.

  5. I also lerned about dressing from TV and movies - I have only had a cis Girl Friend for the past 10 years. But being an actor for the past 40-some years, my make up skills have been honed on stage. The trick was learning to tone it down for a "street look".

  6. TransLater, Transgender_Classics, and Transition Timelines are some of the sub-reddits for the more mature crowd.
    Angel Amore

  7. 🎉 congrats Stana since the 90s at least a thousand of those are mine...
    Sigh 😔

  8. Congratulations on hitting nearly 17,000 daily hits. That is pretty darn phenomenal for any blog! And not wanting to patronize, but to tell the truth, we all know you have worked for it!!

  9. he can play plastique tiara in biopic in future