Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Someday Funnies: The Other Labor Day Joke

Source: Rue La La
Source: Rue La La


  1. I always wanted to wear white heels with a matching white purse (sigh)

    1. I’m with you…I live white heels, especially boots!

  2. That guy on the 'twizzlers' commercial has the same conundrum. Wear what you will, whenever. Own it.

  3. Femulator is gorgeous.

  4. tl;dr
    Whatever it is, just do it. You'll feel great.

    I agree with Velma, "Wear what you will, whenever. Own it."

    I think the old "conventions" have been eclipsed. Brides who are marrying for a second time or more wear white on their special day.

    Blending casual with business wear started in the 80's. We saw the "yuppies" in their tailored suits and Reeboks. COVID and work from home loosened some of the expectations regarding workplace dress codes. Who wrote the rule that white is off limits for 8 months?

    To our friends Anonymous one and Anonymous two, go out and get yourselves some white heels and a lovely white purse! You don't want to miss the chance, right? The fear is: What's going to happen is you'll wait too long and your legs will decide that they aren't able to manage those heels and all you'll have are regrets.

    It's like my time visiting Provincetown, MA. I had to work up the courage to get out of the car in my dress. I finally told myself that if I couldn't walk around Provincetown, Mass of all places, in a dress, I should hang up my heels.

    Heck, I took a major step yesterday. ( and today! )

    My spouse and I had to pick up some auction wins in Vegas and needed to grab stuff from Costco. For the first time, I did everything in a tee shirt and skirt. I did it. Nobody called me "sir." Another first. I get called "sir" if I'm wearing shorts and a clingy tee over my bra.

    I've been out to Renaissance Faire with my kids in a skirt. I've been to pride events in a dress. But my kids were with me. I've done things in October, the month of our most Hallowed day. But it's October or Halloween.

    Yesterday was my first time alone, among civilians in the wild. My spouse stayed in the car since she cannot walk well, a trip around Costco would make her suffer to no end.

    So, what about the ( and today! ) part? In my conservative 'lil town, I chose to go out for the few groceries I didn't get from Costco wearing yesterday's outfit. I even had employee interactions while at the grocery store!

    Yes, both days I was a bit nervous at the beginning but it felt liberating. It felt great. I felt natural. It was a confidence builder.

    Just do it!