Saturday, February 5, 2022

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Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches
Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches femulating on French television as Catherine et Liliane.


  1. For what it's worth, the times I've been to a lesbian bar (Seattle's long lived Wild Rose) the women there were very accepting and even went out of their way to hang out with me.

  2. Ok Stana!!!

    Let ME Post It Again.....
    Long Cool Woman.....

  3. You may or may not want to post this.....
    But I spent Many enjoyable weekends en femme in Washington DC in the Eighties on Business trips in three Lesbian Bars in Georgetown, normal cover charge was $20 for a male or $2 when Dressed to Pass.
    Still love those Little Black Dresses....... A Tune:

    1. i once went to a club in the manchester gay village where tranvestites got in free whilst everyone else had to pay an entry fee, and when i tried to enter the doorman tried to charge me (admittedly i was with an admirer, which might have hade a difference?). although somewhat flattered that he assumed i was a real woman, i told him otherwise (in a deep voice a la dustin hoffman hailing a cab in "tootsie") so i could save myself a couple of quid! in retrospect, i wish i'd just kept my mouth shut and coughed up ha ha

  4. Thanks for sharing the Catherine et Liliane link. I feel down the rabbit hole reading up on the show. I thought the pair wore so very chic outfits in the YouTube videos available.

    Not quite managed to find a detailed interview on the makeup process or how the show came to be.

  5. I too used to go to Manchester and could walk into bars without waiting in the queue, I think a great privilege!

  6. i've just watched a few of the "catherine & liliane" episodes on youtube, and the actors playing them look even better on video than they do in the promo pics! my french is basic to put it mildly, but i think i've got the gist of the show in that the pair are a contemporary female (real women, that is - not men playing women, as in that tom hanks sitcom) version of "laurel & hardy", with lilane being stan and catherine ollie.

    even though i don't understand what they're saying most of the time, their mannerisms are convincing to the point where you wouldn't guess they were guys playing girls if you didn't know. plus being french, they are of course tres chic! sadly, i don't think there are any english subtitles on dvd's available, so i am actually considering using the shows to try and improve my french ha ha. maybe someone should think about doing an english or american version of it? although if so, i hope they don't cast eddie izzard as catherine!