Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Boys Make the Best Girls

I enjoy Jezzi Stewart’s Vaingirls Comics. They appeal to my sense of humor and occasionally contain a grain or two of truth. I thought that Vaingirls #3001, in particular, had a bucket full of truth grain.

In #3001, an Avon lady visits a mancave full of guys en femme and remarks, “So you’re all guys and this is your mancave? Amazing! You all are more girly feminine than 90% of the female population!”

One of the girls replies, “That’s because we weren’t born and raised as girls. We worked hard for our femininity; we don’t take it for granted...”

Another girl adds, “We’re girlier gurls than most girls because we try harder.”

It is true. 

Femulating is hard work. Hair removal, wig styling, boy-to-girl makeup, figure shaping, lady speech and manners are all things we have to work on – things that are natural to females, but foreign to girls who were born boys.  

As a result, femulators are more traditionally feminine than today’s average female. We dress pretty, while females dress pretty badly.

Trousers, slacks, pants, jeans, etc. are the clothing of choice covering the bodies below the belt of most females. Dresses and skirts are only for special occasions and even then, females are often choosing bifurcated special occasion garments (so they won’t have to shave their legs?). 

The three females in my immediate family never wear dresses or skirts. As far as I know, the youngest of the three does not even own a dress or skirt; I am sure that I own more skirts and dresses than the three ladies combined.

How many of you out-shop your spouses in the dress aisle or on Venus-dot-com? And I won’t even mention high heel shoes!

You go, girls!

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Femulator posing with “her” twin sister.
Femulator posing with “her” twin sister.


  1. Your observations certainly match my own, but maybe not the rational, in my own experience as a cross dresser I had to make the most of my opportunities to express my femininity, I would work on my walk, my gestures, my appearance, and of course my wardrobe was dresses and skirts ~ pretty things. When I transitioned and realised I had to go to work I had to buy jeans, tee shirts, trainers etc. I no longer had to work at expressing my femininity I simply was female. Just like most women of a certain age I now mostly dress in jeans and sweaters, but keep a few (well actually quite a lot) dresses for those slightly more special occasions.

  2. Stana,
    I agree with you whole heartedly about today’s female no longer wearing skirts and dresses; so sad.
    But, we must also look at the other side of the coin. Today’s male no longer wear white shirts with starched collar, tie done with a Windsor knot, Oxford style shoes, dark pants with a crisp crease, and a fedora hat. Today, men wear blue jeans and a “jammy toppy” (an IBM slang from decades ago). So sad.
    Just saying .....

    1. Double Windsor, please. The knot is symmetrical.

      The woman I got to plays in DC with always wears a skirt, and about 1/3 of the time she wears a dress. I've seen her a lot over the years and have never seen her in pants -- even when it's cold. but ladies like my friend are few and far between.

  3. Want to bring the US retail economy back better?

    Unleash us girls to shop til we drop

    All we need is a monthly femulater allowance to get the job done

    We need more shoes, more lingerie, more dresses, more makeup and more girl stuff.

    The return of women in business suits will rebuild our economy


    I am looking at casual friday to be a sweater, a houndstooth skirt, black tights and a mary jane with a chunky heel.

  4. A girl frind asked me recently why I wear skirts most of the time. I told her if I wanted to wear jeans, I wouldn't cross dress. "He" can wear jeans any time, but if "he" walked down the street in a skirt -- whew!

    1. Julie
      "He" has to wear jeans or pants at all times
      "She" can wear what she likes

  5. I'm similar to Paula in that when I transitioned into a full time feminine world I mostly now dress to blend in with women my age which means jeans and sweaters. I have reached a point I know who I am. On the other hand I never go out without a minimum makeup application and if Liz goes with me to a restaurant she always steps up her game also. Correctly or not :) I give myself credit.

  6. I am a skirt & blouse kind of gal. That's my daily go-to outfit. I DEFINITELY have more skirts and blouses in our closet than my wife. My wife is a jeans gal on the daily, but she always wears skirts when we dress up which is lovely.

  7. I have some ladies slacks and jeans, but I only wear them when I'm "going stealth". It's fun sometimes to "pass as a man" in all-women's clothing. A couple of times I've had pants on but before going out I had to change. I just can't go out my door as Mikki if I'm not wearing a skirt or dress. It's just not right! There's no "halfway" for Mikki -- it's skirts, blouses, dresses, ladies know all about it.

    Of course it's fun to be Mikki, but I really like the game of, "Will anyone notice I'm in male mode but I'm not wearing any men's clothes"? About 15 or so years ago a fellow dancer was admiring my Hawai'ian shirt and noticed it was a women's style. I told him It was the best color/design in the shop and I didn't think anyone would notice. He agreed about the looks of the shirt and told me he wouldn't have the nerve to wear one like it. That was the only time I was "busted".

    When Mikki first started using women's dressing rooms about 15 years ago I started going in "modified stealth", noticeably more femme than my usual "stealth", but hard to spot from a distance. I never fooled the saleswomen, but I had no intention of doing that! It quickly became clear to me that making a big effort to present myself as a female was my ticket to the dressing room and it was dresses and skirts from then on. The clerks didn't seem to mind and the other ladies in the dressing room were always friendly. One customer asked me the question we've been writing about today, and my answer was pretty close to your responses. "I can wear men's clothing whenever I want. When I'm in femme mode I only want to feel my skirt swishing over my stockinged legs. And while I'm not particularly passable, I want to do the best possible job of projecting my female alter ego." She really bought into my words and even came into my dressing cubicle to see what I'd picked out. I guess she was impressed, because she bought one of the dresses I tried on but didn't buy. Have I mentioned I love the women's sizes department?

    1. Mikki, I am similar to you. When dressed femininely it is always skirts, dresses, slips etc. But you bring up a good point on "going stealth." That is kind of fun.

      I have a pair of ladies jeans and shorts. And also have a couple of basic looking button down blouses that I wear in male mode. I really want to find a pair of ladies slacks that aren't too obvious. But going stealth is fun and liberating. I pretty much figure most men won't notice and some women might since they have a better eye for those things. But I don't care if women notice.

  8. I'm not sure if his/her twin sister like the idea, That she/he looks a identical twin than the other.

  9. AnonymousJuly 14, 2023

    Cute dress (for you)!