Friday, February 4, 2022

Hair – Get Real

By Amy

Looking back at my high school years, like most, I had long hair. It had a single stubborn wave from front to back, with a little curl in the nape area. It was very thick and healthy, but it did pretty much what it wanted to do!

After college, it went very short and corporate. Short was easy and surviving in business was more of a priority than maintaining any vanity. Besides, as I learned about good quality wigs, the transition was an easy one. Now I am quite a bit older and can do pretty much what I want with my hair. So my first visit to a salon explaining that I wanted to grow it into a feminine cut went much better than expected. Who knew? My stylist even suggested some extensions to get me where I wanted to go. I did try them, although that will be another story.

I expected my old wave to return, with the curls in back – and they did; maybe worse than I remembered them. So my stylist recommended I try a keratin straightener. This was totally new to me, but I was all in. I really had no idea how things would turn out but I started with these treatments with every trim about every two months as my hair grew. This gave me a manageable way to grow my hair out and allowed me to comb it boy-style to boot without the work of fighting my wave. What was truly amazing was the new texture of my hair. It became as soft and smooth as any young woman’s – really!

When the length was long enough for a cute pixie, a bit of gray (which few women would stand for), was showing and obvious. Of course my stylist pleaded with me over a few visits to color it and do highlights. This really scared me. I had seen men color their hair, and I always noticed the flat brown look. I sensed I would be no different, but I gave her the go ahead.

The result was awesome! I have now been coloring it with highlights for nearly two years, with no negative comments. The combination of keratin and color makes for wonderful feeling hair that styles beautifully! My hair now moves and shines. Although it is long, I can still comb it for a longish boy mode, but mostly it just looks great. I walked into a new salon last week for a quick blow out and style before meeting a friend, and I was dressed androgynously; jeans and button shirt. The girl who styled me said the minute I walked in she liked my hair and thought I must be transitioning. We had a great talk!

I will let your stylist explain all the details and procedure of straightening and color. But you can look forward to a real game-changer in how your hair looks, feels and how it can be styled. Give this a try!

Warning, Will Robinson – This post is a rerun from 2016!

Source: Venus
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Jane, a Femulate reader from New Zealand, shopping before going to the movies.


  1. Amy
    Your stylist wanting to do coloured hair and highlights means she is accepting you as a woman
    The downside is they make going into boy mode more difficult

  2. I am quite jealous of your golden locks. My hair has been 'long gone' due to the genetics of male pattern baldness.
    What boy hair I still have, I give my hair and eyebrows (otherwise, I have 'woolyworm eyebrows') a short buzz cut which makes wearing a wig quick and easy-- wig cap not needed.

  3. Amy looks absolutely gorgeous with that hairstyle . Since the original post was in 2016 , any word on how she is doing ? I'm assuming that she is fulltime now ?