Monday, February 21, 2022

Catch Up

I took a 10-day break from blog writing, although I did keep the blog rolling with daily Someday Funnies. The break was health-related. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis, I was (and still am) exhausted from dealing with its symptoms.

During the break, I received some emails that have gone unanswered, but I promise to catch up and answer them this week.

On Thursday, I was evaluated for physical therapy and will begin sessions twice a week starting tomorrow. 

During the evaluation, I asked the therapist if I will be able to wear high heels again and she laughed at my “joke.”

When I indicated that my question was serious, she was noncommittal replying that it depends on how well my therapy goes. Then she asked if I really wear high heels?

I opened my iPhone and showed her a photo of me in heels. She was amazed and said that I will have to visit the office in heels after my therapy is over. 

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Khaite

Randy Thompson
Actor Randy Thompson


  1. I love it when we are able to surprise people with our feminine sides, often an good time for out reach

    I've done this with Dr's and Sales Associates

    Dr: No hair on your legs that's a sign of poor circulation

    Paula: Oh I shave y legs.

    Dr: Oh really why?

    Paula: Same reason you do

    Dr: I wear dresses

    Paula: So do I

    Dr: Perplexed than a look of understanding.

  2. Hi Stana its been a while.
    I posted a short story last week and realised its been 4 years since my last post!
    Sorry to hear about your Arthritis. In the last years it has been also creeping into my joints. Whats interesting is I get flares in my thumbs and big toes! In my thumbs its not too bad I can still play the piano, but in my right big toe it became so swollen and stiff I couldn’t put the foot down to walk.
    I went for a consultation to see if this was ‘normal’ for this condition and it was.
    The only difference to you was I only thought about asking if I would ever wear high heels again. I held back mainly because I didn’t have a picture of Abigale on my phone.
    (Well thats my excuse)
    Hope the therapy/exercise helps!
    Love Abi

  3. I lost my ability to wear heels when serious problems showed up in my right foot. Surgery resolved much of the balance issues, but also took away my wearing heels for good. Arthritis is getting to me in my thumb joints and is particularly painful at the base of my spine. But being treated for other problems can bring about unexpected things.

    Some years back I had a series of elevated PSA tests. They weren't that high, but at the time some docs were building vacation homes in the Caribbean and Rockies with their profits from pre-prostate cancer treatments and I was given Finasteride. The doc said I might get some increased growth in my chest. I told the doc anything that can help me grow boobs is great, and that I'm a crossdresser. The doc turned bright red and was lost for words for a while. Then he told me that not everyone has that problem. Ha! I grew my "girls"!

    When some studies were released howing that my treatment was ineffectual and other approaches should be taken, my GP doc had me stop the treatments. I whined to him and asked if I could keep on for a while. He wanted to know why. I told him I liked having "girls", bouncing them in my hands, and told him I want to fill a C cup before I stop. He rolled his eyes and told me that drug is for transwomen, not crossdressers like me. Of course I shouldn't be taking drugs if I'm not being treated for something. But I got close to my target C Cup "girls".

    Here's hoping your PT will help get you back into your heels, Stana. Knowing I would never get back into heels (except for short clunky ones) really put me into a period of depression. But my need to dress outweighed my need to wear heels, so Mikki only took a short hiatus.

  4. I quit wearing heels a few years ago. Arthritis and feet problems. It does not mean we have to be less feminine. I follow Susan after 60 blog. I love her style and follow how she dresses. For doing errands around town I still like my pink sneakers and jeans😃. I blend right in with the rest of the ladies and still called ma’ is good even without heels👍

  5. Sometimes I love wearing heels...other times I enjoy strappy sandals (to show off my pedicure)--but my new favorite footwear is classic canvas Keds Champions in bright colors. So feminine, so classic, and so comfy! I even love the shoebox--it says "Ladies First Since 1916".