Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Battle of the Bulge

Too often, I am surprised to see a photo of a lovely trans lady spoiled by an unsightly bulge below the waistline.

I am sure that sometimes a visible bulge is intentional, that is, for whatever reason, the “lady” wants viewers to know that she is really a he. On the other hand, most trans ladies prefer that the bulge be invisible.

If you wear a garment with a pleated or flouncy skirt, then hiding your boy parts is usually not a concern. Pleats and flounces hide the bulge, but nearly all other womenswear require that you attend to the bulge.

The ultimate solution is to have those parts surgically removed. But if you are not ready for the ultimate solution, there are other ways that involve tucking those parts out of sight and maintaining the tuck. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so I point you to wikiHow's tucking instructions.

Personally, I have never used tape to maintain a tuck. For my preferred method of staying tucked, scroll down the wikiHow page to “Trying Alternatives to Tape.”

The tape-free method works as long as the garment you use to maintain the tuck is tight enough. Surprisingly, I found that a gaff performs a poor job. I bought a gaff in the last century and was unimpressed with its staying power. Maybe 21st Century gaffs are better ― I dunno.

On the other hand, I have had a lot of success staying tucked by wearing panty girdles and spandex bikini-style panties (not at the same time, and the tighter, the better).

And so it goes (and hopefully, doesn't show).

Source: StyleWe
Wearing StyleWe

Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry, one of my heroines



  2. When I first read bulge I thought you were speaking about the tummy area since it is beyond my understanding as to why someone would not tuck when presenting en femme. Gaffs have improved greatly, Stana, and are a gurl's best friend. The ones that are constructed like panties are comfortable enough to wear all day, too! But as you like to say, your mileage may vary.

  3. I agree with you on gaffs as being inferior. I like to hold the junk safe and secure in a comfortable tuck with women's swim bottoms. Get ones with lots of spandex and one size smaller than normal. You'll never go back..............
    Angel Amore

  4. Grayson Perry is one piece of work. We're seeing Claire in the above photo. I'm not at all sure where Stana found this photo of Claire as a British country woman. Usually Claire wears eye-catching outfits of her own design. In fact, a London arts college has an annual competition to design a new dress for Claire. Perry is a renowned ceramic artist, awarded by the Queen. He's also an author and film maker. In Great Britain Grayson and Claire are very well known, interchangeable, and regularly out in the public. Grayson, for instance, got the award from the Queen and Claire accepted it. He/she is more widely accepted in England than RuPaul is here in America. I've read "My Life As A Young Girl"> I wish my Mikki would have had the acceptance and support as Claire did.

  5. Be a good squirrel and pack away your nuts and wood ;-)

    Never tried a faff for all the reasons you state, but a good pair of support knickers seen to do the trick.

  6. Grayson Perry is a very thoughtful insightful individual. His TV programmes are well worth watching, not least because his views and observations aren't predictable but come from being an acute observer of people.

    A CBE is the third step up in the Order of the Britsh Empire. If Grayson was promoted to the next degree in the Order - KCB - he would be Sir Grayson, and his alter ego would presumably be Dame Claire.

    Incidentally, when he received his CBE at Buckingham Place, he dressed as Claire in a smart mother of the bride outfit with matching hat.

    Penny from Edinburgh

  7. Count me in as another tucker that uses a small pair of spandex bikini panties. Worn under control-top hose, my itty bits stay successfully and comfortably hidden as long as I want them to be.

    Ciao! Elise

  8. Fortunately I'm so small I only need pantyhose to be flat.

  9. I think Grayson Perry is taking our interest to a different and far higher level
    She has been invested with a CBE at Buckingham Palace and appeared on the cover of Country Life Magazine
    What is she going to do next?


  10. Paula did a great column on this awhile back

  11. I cannot understand why anyone who wishes to present as a woman and be accepted as such would not really careful with body shape and clothes.


  12. I use to look forward to seeing copies of Drag Magazine also. It was a great magazine. I actually made it to Lee Brewster's Store in Manhattan once and obtained my first pair of padded panties. She was a great asset to the TG community and left us way to soon. I still can't find a pair of padded panties like those

  13. hopefully the cover of the toff mag "country life" (which i assumed to be a mock-up at first) indicates that the british media's favourite tame tran-person (other than eddie izzard, of course) is finally dressing his age, rather than in his usual garish "little girl" costumes (that in my view put the cause of trans awareness and acceptance back several decades)? when out of the spotlight, he has actually been into the "girls with pearls" look for many years now (which happens to be my thing as well - ever since i first started dressing as a teenager back in the 70's). but as most british folk (still) prefer panto dames and/or clowns in gowns as opposed to anything that might look remotely like a real woman, i presume he will generally continue to cater for that audience?

    1. When Grayson received the CBE from Prince Charles in 2014, Grayson was dressed appropriately. Yet the British press snidely dubbed the outfit as "Italian mother of the bride." In my opinion, I thought she looked very nice – more "Queen mother" than "mother of the bride."

    2. even though i'm not exactly grayson perry's biggest fan, let's hope the above means classic knife pleated tartan skirts as made by the likes of the edinburgh woollen mill now make a comeback in ladies fashions... and replace the hideous trousers and leggings that most women seem compelled to wear these days!