Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tricks to help you stand in heels for hours

Tami sent me an article about Kate Middleton’s tricks that help her stand in heels for hours. 

To prevent Kate’s feet from slipping out of her heels, she wears non-slip pantyhose from John Lewis, a UK department store. Those pantyhose feature gel strips on the sole to help feet grip more firmly onto the soles of the shoes. I did a perfunctory Internet search and did not find John Lewis pantyhose on sale in the USA, but I did find that Hue sells a similar product stateside. If anyone has another source, please share the information. 

Having staffed my ham radio group’s convention booth for hours in heels, I am always happy to learn about anything that will make my 8-hour days in heels more comfortable, so I will have to purchase some Hue pantyhose before my next booth assignment.

By the way, what we call “pantyhose” in the USA are called “tights” in the UK. (Don't know what they call “tights” in the UK.)

Kate also uses a leather sole insert designed to cushion your feet so you can comfortably wear any type of shoe, including high heels, for hours. The brand Kate uses is Alice Bow, a British brand, but there are similar products available in the USA. (Personally, I have been using Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles for years and recommend them highly.)

Wearing Joyinme

Femulating in Namibia: Rumano Fabrishh and Reinhard Mahalie
Femulating in Namibia: Rumano Fabrishh and Reinhard Mahalie


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2021

    In the UK "tights" can mean anything from 10 denier or finer to 100 denier or thicker

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2021

    Tights in the UK cover all deniers but if we want to be more specific we might refer to US pantyhose as sheer tights and US tights as opaque tights. Of course, all hose should be 'tight' round the legs. Love Linda

  3. AnonymousMay 12, 2021

    While you brought up high heels , the honest truth is this , as I have said before heels are in the metaphysical area they transcend the physical and enter into the demonic , they will Never disappear as we have all seen , they say " Lust for Me " , " Be Attracted to Me " , I speak as one whom is affected by DES and maybe a genetic variant to femulate and still I resist dressing to walk God's holy path , this is why you will Never Ever see Godly women in Church or out of Church wearing high heels , they resist the evil temptation to tempt men to lust . So High Heels are in Satan's realm , good luck with that on judgement day .

    1. Before you go casting misogynistic aspersions at good moral women you've never even met over their footwear, you probably ought to refresh your knowledge of what's actually in the Bible before you can claim to walk "God's holy path." I'd suggest you start with Matthew 7:1-3 and work on from there.

    2. AnonymousMay 12, 2021

      You have a very good point , some ladies are not aware the metaphysical affect of how high heels and their affect on guys .

    3. Of course, MEN also used to wear high heels, and those MACHO COWBOYS still do. Do those shoes also sing the siren song of 'lust'? Whom do the mens shoes sing? The males? The females?
      Aside from some woman's SHOES singing the 'siren song of lust' Why is the onus of the regulation of chastity somehow ALWAYS PUT UPON THE WOMAN?
      Why cannot the pious man simply disregard the message?
      There are no restrictions on women (or men) wearing heels in a 'non cult-like' church.
      The real question is:
      Why are you here?
      Perhaps, NEXT TIME you have the GUTS TO SIGN YOUR WORK?
      AND others wonder why the majority of persons here in the U.S. shun organized(?) religion.

    4. AnonymousMay 12, 2021

      Well Velma , I guess your right , and forget organized religion , most do not really follow the Bible , we are in the End Times clearly , so your right I guess , a serious Bible Believer should stay on the narrow path and stay off commenting on blogs .

  4. So, what do you class as tights then in the US? For us Brits, tights are sheers, nudes, or opaque leg wear.

    As to John Lewis, good enough for UK Royalty, but seemingly not good enough for our current Prime Minster 😛

    1. What you call tights over there covers both US pantyhose and US tights. Pantyhose are nude or tinted.. black tint, suntan, etc, but usually not opaque. The heavier opaque legwear we also call tights. I think we simply make a distinction between the thinner and thicker tights.

  5. Pantyhose, along with pocketbook, are 2 words that sound just so darn old-fashioned! I often refer to pantyhose as "stockings"...even though, yes I do know, stockings are often hosiery that end at the thighs. But regardless of whatever anyone calls them, I still enjoy wearing them:)

  6. AnonymousMay 16, 2021

    i luv that Hawaiian look! Like the tip sara

  7. AnonymousJune 08, 2021

    Wearing Wearing Joyinme would have been so lovely on a hot day at the sea .