Friday, April 9, 2021

Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Woman?

When I came out to my ham radio friends and acquaintances, almost everyone was supportive. 

One friend, who I had known for over 35 years was pleased to see me once he recognized me en femme.

He listened attentively to my story. Then he asked some questions, which I answered.

Finally he said to me, “Why would anyone want to be a woman?”

My jaw dropped. I felt like everything I had said to him had gone in one ear and out the other.

It was not a choice. I didn’t decide one day that I needed a change of pace and would become a woman. I didn’t decide to become a woman to spice up my life.

Life would be so much easier if I was not a woman who found herself in a male body.

Like author Joy Ladin wrote, “There’s nothing so bad about being a man... as long as you’re a man.”

I'm certainly not a man. Never was. That explains why I feel uncomfortable when en homme, but at ease when en femme

Anyway, I did not unfriend my old friend for asking that question. I look forward to seeing him and we still interact with each other the same way we did before my coming out.  

And so it goes.

Wearing Guilty of Glam
Wearing Guilty of Glam

Christian De Sica femulating in the 2018 Italian film Amici Come Prima (Friends Like Before)
Christian De Sica femulating in the 2018 Italian film Amici Come Prima (Friends Like Before). If you search YouTube for Amici Come Prima, you will find a number of film clips from the movie.


  1. Stana
    It sounds like you friend has been listening and is trying to get a clearer understanding of the situation

  2. Dearest Stana ,    I have Complete Understanding of this wonderful article you posted today about being yourself .

  3. Too Funny Stana

    He missed the point about heels, lingerie and short skirts and it was not a choice for you

    I was born to be a Ham hihi

    We need a Ham Radio Femme Net on 80 meters and we can start with What
    ‘s new in your closet? How to tune your heels for improved walking longer and farther, getting ready for out and about during Sunspots 25 and choosing the right make up when up for a night of MW dxing


  4. The Better question is " Why wouldn't anyone want to be a woman ". So inspiring to hear your story!! A+++

    1. Well , most people really don't Understand our Very Loved Feminine Desires to feel ourselves !

    2. That's why people wanna be come a woman because they can act and they are more comfortable being a woman in their own sexual ality

  5. About 15 years ago, a GG friend of mine offered to help me to look my best as I had told my sister about my 'alter ego' and she was coming over to see me.
    Looking back at it, I wrongly decided that I'd be en femme as best as I could be - and my GG friend helped me enormously first with shopping and then on the day, with fixing my make-up and my wig..
    When she had finished, she told me to take a look in the long mirror in our hall. When I looked in the mirror, instead of seeing me, there was a woman looking at me. I was overcome with emotion and I could hardly breathe. I've never felt so good about myself as I did that day. If I could have switched, I would have done. It was the happiest I've ever been. For the first time in my life, I saw the 'me' that I could be.

  6. And I felt more alive so then I started with my grandma is in my mom's in my ants in my name is bras and they're panties in there the wardrobe in putting makeup on it and I just felt that I was a real woman and that's the way I have staid

  7. The best thing I have found that I really love to where is really tight close against my body me and my sister were the same size but every now and then she gets some type of clothes and I find them I put them on and I love it when she caught me because I could tell her I look just like you and and I feel just like a natural woman

  8. Are you back in a wearing her off it's again and other girls outfits but I like to have a little bigger ass little tighter won any ideas for that as well

  9. Guys don't become women it's only girls who a need a few body readjustments to put them right in the body they always know was theirs.

  10. Dressing n being feme and wanting to be that woman u Wana be is something really beautiful. And I want that. I got to see myself crossdressed as a beautiful woman. It aroused me and I fell in love with her. Vannessa I was very feminine pasable. It took a couple hours but the outcome was perfect. I'm ready to be Vanessa full time. I just want it.

  11. I have read through the comments about those who want to transition from male to female and I quite understand these people
    I am suffering from Gender Dysphoria and would love to be my female persona Sandra but I am at a stage where people cannot understand as to why I am in desperate need of becoming Sandra I am so very unhappy as my male body. I have always known for many years and years that I should of been born into the female gender then apparently I would not be suffering from this gender dysphoria.