Friday, April 30, 2021

Past Lives

Do you believe in past lives and reincarnation?

I always thought that if there was something to reincarnation, then it might help explain why trans-people are trans. For example, if you were a woman in your previous life and came back as a man in this life, perhaps you might bring along womanly traits from your previous life. Maybe so many traits that you were still a woman, but in a man’s body.

Who knows?

If anyone asks about my past lives, I tell them that in my previous life, I was a female singer in a USO troupe touring with Glenn Miller’s band during World War II and that I died on December 15, 1944 when Miller’s plane was accidentally bombed by the RAF over the English Channel.

Being female in my previous life explains my trans-ness in this life and being a singer during that era explains my affinity for the music of that time period.

My death aboard a bombed airplane explains the horrific nightmares I had as a young child. In those nightmares, I was in an enclosed place that started exploding and before long, I was exploding, too. Then, I’d wake up screaming.

I had that same nightmare numerous times and cannot attribute it to anything I experienced in this life. If reincarnation is fact, then maybe the roots of my nightmares are from my previous life.

Like I wrote above, who knows?

Wearing Venus
Wearing Venus

Hans Lothar femulating in the 1961 film One, Two, Three
Hans Lothar femulating in the 1961 film One, Two, Three.


  1. Wow, what a concept.
    You may be onto something there, Stana.

    I love the idea.


  2. Talk of reincarnation is widespread through time and distance
    I think there is something there

  3. Ever thought of doing a past Lives confirm your dreams?
    Interesting? When I typed the word dream on my phone's keyboard it prompted with the word Dress and a picture of a blue summer fit and flare frock !??!??!

    Roanoke VA

    1. I have thought about getting a past lives regression.

  4. Haven't they shown that the model of plane Miller was on was prone to icing - including the fuel lines? A small single engine plane in a December storm...

  5. They say or suspect that Glenn Millers plane was hit by accident. When B-24s returned to the UK from bombing missions over Germany they needed to dump any unused bombs in the sea in order to land safely. This was often done without regard to what was below for example Glenn Millers plane or perhaps ships or boats in the channel.

    His plane disappeared and some suspect this is what happened. A number of other theories also exists. The disappearance of Millers plane is one of the many mysteries of WWII.

    Oh and yes Stana give me the fashions of the 1940's! That explains a lot for me too.

    Oh and BTW Stana I had the same nightmares as a child.

    1. Curious about the nightmares... I experienced explosion and fire and I had that same nightmare countless times. And I always woke up crying and screaming. Is that your experience?

  6. All Persons Souls are Eternal , you notice when a plane crashes , its Always how many Souls were on board .

  7. Your recollections of 'explosion and fire' are quite appropriate as most of the participants here were born after WWII.
    There have been reports of children having seen photos of areas and homes far away from their present place, exclaim quite openly 'I used to live there'. Sometime the child recalls their earlier name. Usually this memory recall happens before the age of five; and dissipates soon thereafter.
    I have experienced a similar recollection about 20 years ago, the day after my father died at age 88.
    I had gone to sleep in the daytime as I had to do a late shift at work, but I later 'woke' lying in a different bed, in a different place of unimaginable heat and thick humidity. Most certainly a primitive hospital. But where? Easily a hot equatorial place...
    I was not the 'me' I know today, but felt I was a woman, lying in a hospital bed in a 'ward style' setting, I remember I was in pain, and I could not move my legs, as they were bandaged. Soon I realized my legs were missing, both legs having been amputated above the knees.
    My next thought was: 'What does all this mean'?
    The next feeling I felt was that downward, accelerating rush, like you get when your roller coaster car crests the top hill....
    I awoke from the dream, covered in sweat, dazed and confused--left in that 'trance-like' state (that takes about a day to dissipate) as some people experience after a bad dream.
    As I lay there in my own bed, in the here and the now, fully awake, I realized that the dream was some sort of experience of a past life. It took me days to even begin to figure the dream out...
    In a corollary to the dream , my wife is an amputee! She was born with congenital absence of several limbs. When we first met, I knew she was the girl for me. We belong to a large online/in person social group of various persons (including LGBTQ's) who share the same interest. If you have similar feelings, contact me through Stana.

  8. Stana at least it is nice to know that my dad who flew 52 missions in one of the first B-17 squadrons in England was not the one who jettisoned his bombs on your previous life. When the USAAF decided to limit war tours to 25 missions, he was told after he landed. Dad always said that 52 was his lucky number, my year of birth is 1952.

    Roanoke, VA