Friday, April 23, 2021

Someone Needs a Bra

Tony sat on the edge of his bed cupping his breasts in his hands thinking back to the Shirts vs. Skins touch football game at the family’s Memorial Day picnic. Tony remembered being very embarrassed when he ended up on the Skins team and everyone saw his breasts bouncing up and down the field.

During the game, Uncle Terry remarked, “Someone needs a bra.”

Tony’s Dad was Uncle Terry’s kid brother and he always listened to his older brother. So returning home after the picnic, Tony’s Dad asked Tony’s Mom to take Tony to Macy’s to buy a bra.

The next day, Tony’s Mom picked him up after school and drove to Macy’sAs they entered Macy’s lingerie department, a sales associate named Jamie greeted Tony and his Mom .
“What can I do for you today?” Jamie asked.

“My son needs to get fitted for a bra,” Tony’s Mom replied

“I’ll need to take your son’s measurements, so please follow me to the dressing room,” said Jamie.

Tony followed Jamie to an empty stall in the dressing room, then Jamie told Tony to take off his top. 

Tony did as he was told, Jamie took his measurements and then told Tony to wait while he found some bras for Tony to try on.

Jamie returned with an armful of bras and by process of elimination, Tony was fitted with a bra.

At the Independence Day family picnic, Tony ended up on the Skins team again, but was not embarrassed because he wore his bra throughout the game – just like his uncles, cousins and Dad, who were also on the Skins team.

Wearing Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Femulating prisoners-of-war in the 1937 film Grand Illusion.
Femulating prisoners-of-war in the 1937 film Grand Illusion.


  1. I see old men who DESPERATELY need to wear bras. On the other hand I see ads showing bras for AA, A, and B cups popping up (Pepper bras) on websites. Don't ask me how that happened as my bra cup size is DD.

  2. Interesting to see the pic from "Grand Illusion". The rock band Styx released an album with the same name back in 1977. Perhaps merely a coincidence, but their next album "Pieces of Eight" showed three women on the cover and the band members on the back in similar positions. I spent YEARS wondering if the ladies on the front were cross-dressed guys from the band, and I'm still none the wiser. If "The Grand Illusion" referred back to the 1937 film, that might be another clue! Anyone have the inside scoop?
    Ms. A Hawkins (Amanda's Reading Room)

  3. I can remember back in 8th grade gym class (1962) on of the guys pointing at me and commenting loud enough...look at the t*** on ****. Everybody laugh (but me) the next day I found hanging in my school locker, a bra with a note explaining I need to wear it so I don't poke somebody's eye out. Later my mom explained that some medicine that they made her take while pregnant with me may have caused this...she would also explain why girls wore bras, sizing, she even let me try on one of hers so I can better understand what it was all about. I wonder how many other guys at 13 had to listen to comments about their so called "boy boobs?"

    1. I was harassed right through college about my breasts. And I did have an uncle who said, “Someone needs a bra” when we were playing Shirts Vs. Skins touch football. Dunno how much you know about DES, the meds your mother took, but here is everything you need to know about them: My Mom had a miscarriage before she had me and I suspect she was taking DES because of the way I turned out.

    2. Holy Crap !   You and I are DES sisters , two crazy Daffodil Sisters popping up in the same bunch ! well , Wow ! This explains a lot ! as my favorite --Pink Floyd would say about you and I  - --- Shine On You Crazy Diamond ****
      乇  -エリカ

    3. My Mom used DES , so Me Too !

    4. Stana , just to add ,        I know for a fact , In the 1950s my Mom was prescribed DES before I was born because she miscarried a boy , so I just read it can have an affect on genuine transgender feelings , I know DES had a physical affect on me now also , and having natural feminine feelings I have always loved having but felt guilty about having .

    5. Thank you, Anonymous, for putting a huge piece in the puzzle of my transgender feelings. I was born in 1951 and my mom had had a miscarriage before I was born. This is the first I have ever heard about DES having the potential to create such feelings. I have no way of checking it out as both my parents passed long ago, but I ma certainly going to do some research. I found this site as I have been searching why I (and other guys) like to wear bras. Thank you so much for this key piece of information.

  4. Skins basketball - reminds me of High School in the Sixties. A new phys ed teacher kept yelling at me to take off my top for the game periods but since our school gym uniforms were reversible I always just flipped it to the lightest side, time after time.
    After two MONTHS he called me into the office at the end of the period and told me if I did not play as a skin without a top next time he would fail me. After a quiet moment I took off my shirt and tight under shirt in a very quick set of motions...and said in a loud voice, " I am not going to run up and down the court with my breasts flopping around, period," so I turned around and marched topless out Of his Office.
    But while the offices were empty when I went in I found several of the coaches outside the suite waiting to go into their desks - - so I held my head high boobs out and marched put of the building with my tops in my hand.
    For the next week I skipped class and went to the library to reselve books or to the labs to do prep work for the Science teachers. I was waiting for the call to the Principal's Office. Over two weeks passed; then the schools Head Coach stopped and pulled me out of home room, he said that under the Principle's Orders, staring next week I was to shift my PE class to the last period of the day, and to continue what i was doing till then. Nothing else was ever said, but the next year the teacher did not get his contract extended......My "Bra Burning Event" in the old South: VIRGINIA circa 1968.

    Roanoke, Virginia

    PS go Miss Jenner!!!