Tuesday, April 13, 2021

My Magic Moment

My Magic Moment occurs after I dress up, slip on my high heels, take my handbag, walk out the door and hear the click of my heels on pavement. That moment never fails to thrill me because at that moment, I know I am a woman.

I cannot recall ever getting a similar thrill when disguised as a male. As a man in name only (MINO), my clothing and appearance are purely utilitarian. I am not a slob; I dress neatly. But what I wear is not important; I dress just so I can pass as a guy when need be.

On the other hand, when I dress as a woman, I look in the mirror, see a woman and want everyone to see that woman, too. 

What is your Magic Moment?

Wearing Sale to Sable
Wearing Sale to Sable

Reinhard Mahalie and Rumano Fabrishh
Reinhard Mahalie and Rumano Fabrishh


  1. stana you have reminded me of nearly 40 years ago when i was doing a soundcheck with a band in a nightclub we were playing at that evening. i decided to record a jam we were doing whilst warming up, and no sooner had i done so when a female member of staff appeared and strutted across the dancefloor right in front of us with her high heels clicking away very loudly. i not only noticed that at the time, but whenever i have played the recording over the years since, i invariably listen out for that mesmerising sound... wishing it were me doing the walking of course!


  2. From my post “Frequent Flier”

    Finally the icing must go on the cake, I lightly place the wig on my head; “boys have short hair girls have long hair” I mouth these words softly.

    I step toward the mirror; there she is “Paula,” a huge smile flashes across my face, a giddiness takes over, a sense of relief. I primp in the mirror then pack my purse, credit cards, license, cash, and room key. I primp in the mirror again. My nails! I forgot my nails, it takes a few minutes, but they’re pretty, a press-on French manicure --- just the right feminine detail.

    I check my purse again. I’m nervous, there’s a bit of trepidation as I stand in front of the door. Faintly I hear his voice pulling me back. “Noooo I shake my head!"

    I look in the mirror, she smiles at me. You can do this. I’m out the door; there is a sense of wonder I’m doing it. I ride down in the elevator, the doors open and I’m in the lobby. I walk over and grab a bottle of water from the market. I ask the clerk softly, “Can you put this on room 314?”

    “Sure” she smiles, “Anything else Ma’am?”

    “Ma’am,” I say to myself, yes, she said Ma’am --- my heart sores.

    I’m out the door and the cadence of heels on the pavement announces a woman is here. I’ve escaped, if only for the day, but I’m free and I’m flying

  3. Thank You Stana for your tireless and selfless daily posts and motivational guidance

    My magic moment was having a Transgendered Female providing an expert makeover and wig consultation.

    I learned very quick that Peach was my foundation, an eyebrow pencil, press on nails and a red toned wig made my inner femme shine through.

    I spent a wonderful day out and about and the ability to pass gave me so much confidence that I looked forward to doing it again and again and again.

    Each time I became a bit better and a bit faster in getting ready and found a look that allowed me to express myself in my age group and attract less attention to myself that gave me more confidence in be out there.

    I too enjoy the clicking of high heels that after a few deep breathes I open the door and take the leap of faith.

    Its been over a year that Brenda has been presenting herself but she is patient in knowing that her day will come soon.

    I had planned a few extra days on a business trip to New York city to enjoy it en femme last March and even had bought a pair of sturdy heeled Mary Janes and a light trenchcoat to wear but of course it was cancelled.


  4. Persuing our feminine desires , is of our uppmost LOVE !

  5. I don't leave my house enfemme, but my own personal magic moment happens when my outfit is just right and I finally slip into my heels, and I first hear the tap of my heels on my hardwood floors. Bliss!

  6. My Magic Moment was when I realized femininity is a solid part of my being and dressing is embraced with love .

  7. I have two magic moments. The first is putting on the bra. Once it's clasped and I see myself I feel so feminine. It's like my favorite blogger says "Feel like a woman? Wear a bra!"

    But the real magic moment is the wig. I always do it last. Underwear, shape wear, outfit, makeup, but that last step of the wig is when it all comes together and someone completely different is starring back at me in the mirror.

  8. Mine is when I choose my en femme outfit for the day and then how it coordinates so nicely with everything I am wearing, which makes me feel so magical in that moment as I am exhibiting outwardly my true self.


    I hear my heels clicking on the sidewalk
    Beating to the rhythm of my OWN heart....
    Caught up in ME--
    I am the only one I want-- to be..

    I try to be you every night...
    Just to make sure I get it right...
    Baby, it's true...
    Cant think of anything but being you...


  10. I had a pair male shoes with a hard heel, then I worked in a place where I had to walk along a brick wall from the parking lot tom the workplace, every time I walked in these shoes I was making exactly the same click as when walking in my heels, I wore these shoes out beyond repair in the end.
    I find it quite difficult to point at only one magic moment, though Ive dressed more or less since 4 years old every time I dress is magic to me and when I shop women clothes with my gf and she recommends something for me its also magic and it feels like two women shopping together.
    Femulating adds the magic to my life, and off course this blog adds a lot to the magic.

    1. Truly Clarissa , you understand our secret transcendent feelings of femininity , most ungifted civilians could never know !

  11. My magic moment is feeling the air swish around my legs and under my skirt. So different from wearing shorts in boy mode.

    My magic moment(s) are the pronouns - she, her, ma’am.


    Julie Noh.

  12. Dear Stana , just an idea ,         You have a huge amount of knowledge on presenting in a wonderful feminine way  , I think many would benefit from information of matching corsets with dresses ( so the corset doesn't show ) with needed hip pads etc to look our best , to have the Magic .