Tuesday, September 3, 2019

It's the Little Things

By Sally Stone

Last week when I was out as Sally, I stopped by a local coffee shop to satisfy my caffeine craving. I ordered a cappuccino and the young girl who waited on me asked my name for the order. She was extremely pleasant and I could tell by her demeanor that she liked my presentation. It’s always nice to be acknowledged for my efforts, even when the acknowledgement is as simple as a smile and a nod.

Anyway, flash forward to last night, when I stopped at the same coffee shop after a dinner outing. This time a young man took my drink order; the girl that had waited on me the last time was working drive-through. Yet despite her being quite busy, she took the time to walk over and say, “Hi, Sally.”

It was a little thing, I know, but sometimes it’s those little things that leave the most lasting impressions. I was flattered by her making the effort to come say hello to me and it was even more meaningful that she remembered my name. Up to that point, I’d had a wonderful day expressing my femininity, but her simple act of seeking me out and calling me by my feminine name was the absolute best part of it.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Annica Springmann and Patricia Wester
Femulators Annica Springmann and Patricia Wester


  1. A very nice vignette. It seems that women instinctively know what littlie displays of consideration can make a person's day. It would not come from a guy

  2. I was at a Thrift Shop doing some clothes shopping. I took my item to the register where a young man was working. He greeted me with a smile, and I complimented him on his "ear rings". I put that in quotes because they were hardly rings - they were snakes. Green Plastic snake body hanging through his ear lobes. Very unique. I know all this because he took great pains to explain it to me as he rang up my purchase. When we completed the transaction, he gave me a compliment on my glasses. We both left the counter smiling.

  3. Yay!
    It is always nice to hear stories like this.