Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Back to Normal

After eight sessions of physical therapy, I feel great... a few pounds lighter and pretty much back to normal. Which reminds me of femulating at work seven years ago.

When my boss arrived that day, I made a bee-line to her cubicle, saying "Happy Halloween" as I entered.

I took about a half minute before she recognized me and she was ecstatic. She checked me out and gushed over my appearance.

"He shaved his legs."

"He even did his nails."

"I hate him --- he looks better than me."

"I want your dress when you are done with it."

She took my photo and e-mailed it to some of our colleagues in our other facility. Throughout the morning, she brought people to my cubicle to show me off.

I never saw her act like this before. She was enjoying my femulation as much as I was.

Next day, my boss saw me back in boy mode and remarked, "Thank, God, you're dressed normal today."

I responded, "What's normal?"

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Vince Gatton
Vince Gatton femulating Candy Darling in the 2006 stage production of Candy and Dorothy.


  1. Great post and I did enjoy your emergence with your work colleagues over the years

  2. NORMAL 'eh? ;-)

  3. ...and you never were done with the dress....

  4. Glad all is going well-you will be back in heels in no time!


  5. She was 'ecstatic'.
    She 'gushed' over her appearance.
    She was 'jealous'.
    She was NOT her wife!

  6. Good to hear that things are back to normal.

    My only real mistake last Halloween came a couple days after femulating at work was mentioning that my first and only "new" dress was a size 24. One of my co-workers was jealous of my success in finding my size and that I was smaller than she was.

    My first Halloween co-conspirator has come back to work with me and we're trying to come up with a plan for the big day. We have another participant and are hoping to coerce one more to become "The Golden Girls."

    We'll see what happens!

  7. Glad to hear you are "back" to normal and feeling well

    I love your story about Halloween, I always wanted to dress up at work.

    Wish I worked at you company...

  8. 'Next day, my boss saw me back in boy mode and remarked, "Thank, God, you're dressed normal today." '
    I.e. the competition had lessened