Friday, September 13, 2019

A Festival for Men as Ladies

It does not take me long to browse the Internet and find something completely different. Such is the case with a recent find related to crossdressing.

Ever hear of Kottankulangara Festival?

The Kottankulangara Festival is an annual Hindu festival in Kerala, India, where thousands of men irrespective of their religious faith dress as women. The festival takes place at the Kottankulangara Devi temple at Chavara, Kerala, which is sacred to the goddess Bhagavathy. Every year this festival is celebrated on the 10th and 11th day of Meenam (mid-March).

On the festival day thousand of devotees visit the Temple to seek the blessings of the Goddess Bhagavathy. The men dress up in the female attire of their choice. Some wear Set saari, Pattu saari, half saari and even dance costumes.

Chamayavilakku is also a much-anticipated event for the members of transgender community, as it offers them an opportunity to celebrate their real identity. During the past few years, there has been a steady inflow of trans persons not just from Kerala, but all parts of the country.

Around 4000 people participate in the Chamayavilakku.


Crossdressing blessed by the church!

Can you imagine if the Catholic Church sponsored a Blessed Virgin Mary Festival where men dressed as women to seek the blessings of Saint Mary?

I can picture the exploding heads of evangelicals from sea to shining sea.

Source: Paige
Wearing Paige

Femulating at the Kottankulangara Festival.
Femulating at the Kottankulangara Festival.


  1. Thank you Stana for this fascinating femulation education. Another Indian festival involving femulators:


  2. I am not sure if it takes less time to get dressed than it would to spell some of the words in this post.
    The makeup on the celebrants in the photo is exquisite. Does not look like the work of amateurs. I do not think many civilian men could do those eyes, eyebrows and lips.

    1. An article I read claims that businesses set up during the event to do makeovers and dress some of the participants.

  3. One learns something new every day. I was aware of the Hijra but not this facet of Indian life so thanks for opening my eyes! 😊

  4. Lets go to The Kottankulangara/Chamayavilakku Festival!
    OR perhaps we could create our own! ;-)
    What a GREAT way to get your 'Ya-Ya's out'!
    PS those two words are for some reason NOT on my SPELL CHECK!

  5. If there were men dressing like women to get the blessings from the Virgin Mary I as a protestant would simply shake my head and say something like, "Those goofy papists". Evangelicals do not pray to the Virgin Mary nor seek her blessings. So it might not be such a big deal for them.

  6. where is the travel agency that would set up a group trip? ;)

  7. Great!

    Check out

    1. Perhaps Stana can collect ROYALTIES on the name? ;-)

  8. Hmmmm ...... if the Catholic heirarchy ever proposed such a festival in honor of the Virgin Mary , it just might get me back into churchgoing !

  9. Actually in many cases, the spouse or mother or sisters support this activity. It's more like fulfilling a vow made. Local businesses like hotels, makeup artists from surrounding districts all get in to doll up the men. While less than 5% of them would be gurls like us, the rest are civilians who try to fulfil a religious vow