Sunday, August 11, 2019

Someday Funnies

Some Things Never Change...

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Harvey Korman
Harvey Korman femulating on The Carol Burnett Show.


  1. Carol Burnett is partly to blame for my femulation. Her and Jonathan Winters, Steve Alan, Bob Hope and many more. Television of the 60's and 70's had many silly skits but for what ever reason they left an impression on me.

  2. PODUNK?! Well, shucks, that is just down the road! I learnt how to gunsmithin' and beer makin' and 'flea-botomy' classes that pays $9.00/hr. at the Podunk General horse-pital, (all real courses!) at CPCC -- Central Podunk Community College. They named it a 'college' 'cause if they called it Central Podunk Community Trade School, nobody would attend-- not classy enough.

    But seriously, your Someday Funnies tells a serious tale of 'how men 'enfemme' somehow, still 'just dont get it' and 'put their egos on back burner' and WORK AND SHARE AND COMMUNICATE AS A COHESIVE GROUP with just a smidgen of empathy, such as the females they are want to EMULATE.
    Have any of 'you' femulators actually 'gone out to enjoy a leisurely gurlz lunch'?
    For an interesting read, with plenty of nice group photos of WOMEN camaraderie (sisterhood would be the more appropriate term) who happen to be 'gender different', checkout
    If you were a lesbian, you would be there by now....