Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Searching for Mad

Search Me Dept.

About once a week, I get an e-mail suggesting that I write about a particular topic.

Having written 4600 posts, there is a chance that I have already written on that topic at least once.

For example, a reader recently informed me about the existence of Grayson Perry and that I should write about that crossdressing English artist.

Truth is that over the years, I have mentioned Grayson in over 20 posts.

How do I know?

I used the Search Femulate device below my photo in the sidebar of this blog. It is very effective and finds every mention of whatever topic I am looking for.

So if you are looking for posts on a particular topic, you can use Search Femulate, too.

Gone Mad Dept.

Mad magazine is going to stop publishing new content.

Good news is that now my collection of Mad magazines is complete!

Bad news is that I will miss Mad. It was a big influence on my life. Growing up, I probably learned more about society from Mad than any other source. Their satires and parodies were always right-on and revealed what was really going on behind the scenes.

Mad was also influential in my career as a writer. As a kid, I wrote and drew my own version of Mad called Crazy. I have been writing and drawing madly ever since. (The Dept. headings I use in this blog are a swipe directly from the pages of Mad.)

The header of my radio blog reads, "My subscription to Life expired, but I still have a subscription to Mad."

Sadly, not anymore!

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Maggie Marilyn (Source: ShopBop)

Old school womanless wedding femulators
Old school womanless wedding femulators


  1. I too grew up on various copies (whenever I could afford it) of MAD.
    As I grew older, and got 'behind' as an observer of contemporary culture the magazine spoke to me less and less.
    As an offshoot of MAD, my friends and I would often write and sing our own lyrics to then contemporary pop songs. Often the lyrics were NSFW.
    I have even written a few in 'honor' of 'Our Fearless Leader', ALL are NSFW.
    -- BTW how does one contact Randy Rainbow, the political parody singer on Youtube?
    I do recall the Grayson Perry cartoon you printed here today. Upon my first encounter back when, I got this 'strange rush' of unexplained emotion....
    P.S. Love the pic of the suit-dress.

    1. Love the suit-dress too, but the $830 price tag, not so much!

  2. I also will miss MAD Magazine. This country is losing the ability to laugh at itself. A trait that will lead to more trouble if we're not careful - but most are following Alfred E Newman's credo, "What, me worry?"

  3. Dittos to you Julie. I will always have a fond spot for the off beat way that Mad Magazine looked at things. I wonder if the demise of the magazine is related to the mayor of South Bend being labeled as Alfred E. Newman? No one has seen the both in the same place at the same time.

  4. Grayson(Claire) Perry's book, "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl", is an interesting read. Perry bounces between their two personas freely. When the opportunity to meet the Queen happened, Clair went to the event. But the two of them seem to be differentiated more visually than in personality. Interesting, but I didn't find it a great read.

    I'm really happy with the posts we get from Stana, and have no interest in making requests. The internet is right there and we can look things up every bit as easily as Stana. It's even easier for me, as I'm retired and have the time to explore. Occasionally I have links to share when they are close to Stana's topic.

    I loved Mad Magazine. Somehow I "got" satire when I was a kid. Mad and The Sid Caesar Show honed my ability to understand satire more deeply. A few years ago I was given a "tour" of a crossdressing friend's collection of Mad's "subversive" topics -- I didn't realize how much CD content was in there! Thanks for the memory jog Stana! BTW, I recently saw a "Spy vs Spy" 'toon that had both spies disguise themselves as women to surprise the other -- but they surprised themselves instead!

    Is there a way we can attach a picture here? If so, I'll try to remember where I found the cartoon.

  5. Maybe there will be a new magazine with new content where Mad magazine left off. I remember Cracked magazine as a competitor.

    In Cracked there was an article for uses for used coffee grounds. One was to put grounds on the living room carpet so you could practice sliding into baseball bases.