Sunday, August 4, 2019

Bad News, Good News

July was the hottest month ever in this neck of the woods. It also was one of my most miserable months health-wise.

I mentioned my Fourth of July sty in an earlier post. Worse was the backache that developed about the same time. It was so bad that there was no way I could comfortably squeeze into a dress and high heels and enjoy my womanhood.

Some days were better than others, but I felt poorly for weeks. One month later, I think I am finally seeing the light and my back is almost back too normal.

There was some good news on my health front. I had my annual checkup and received a clean bill of health. Also, I lost more weight and I am down to an all-time low as an adult.

Bad news, more of my clothes are too big now as a result of the weight loss. Good news is that I had credit at JustFab and purchased the plain skirt and slouchy dolman sweater for only $7.62!

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  1. Sally StoneAugust 04, 2019


    I think losing weight and then being too small for many of your wardrobe items is a good problem to have. Personally, I'd use it to fuel my penchant for shopping for new "girl" stuff.



  2. Sorry about the back. Common malady in retirement. BTW, I love my Chiropractor-- he saved my neck, and my back as well as my employment.
    I blame my recliner..

  3. I get back ache occasionally and find find it impossible to do up back fastening bras
    A front fastening one is easier
    If you have to take things easy a simple jumper and skirt is very comfortable

  4. Nothing tastes as good as thin! Stay well!! :)


  5. I hope you feel better. It always seems hot when you cannot move around. Having a bad back is no picnic. I agree with the other comment that a chiropractor may help. Mine has kept me away from the surgeons knife for the past 30 years.

  6. Stana

    My back went chronic in 2015, last year I had surgery, I am finally feeling normal. Now to loose the weight I gained over those years because of depression

    I hope you feel better, eat well, exercise and wear lots of pretty clothes

  7. Good to hear about the full clean bill of health!! :)

    Hope you're feeling better. My back was quite sore last month after my dance performance.. so bad even that turning around in bed hurt (let alone trying to walk in heels).

    So, I hope you can walk in heels again without pain! ;)