Friday, January 4, 2019

Second Act

I enjoy retirement and recommend it highly, but I do have free time on my hands and I would like to use some of it productively as a woman outside of the home.

We are lucky enough to live in an area replete with museums and art galleries that are always looking for volunteers. There are also LGBT organizations in the area that welcome volunteers. And the national ham radio organization that I used to freelance for is also nearby and needs volunteers. On the other hand, a part-time job that pays would be nice, too.

So I am ready for my second act, but is the world ready for a woman like me?

I assume that the LGBT organizations would not have a problem. Museums and art galleries are usually run by open-minded folks, so they would probably be OK with me, too. But I am not so sure about the ham radio organization and paid positions.

What to do?

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Contestants in the 1974 Los Angeles Miss Cotillion pageant.


  1. Julie M ShawJanuary 04, 2019

    It never hurts to ask.
    Take the step and find out - maybe with a phone call if you're hesitant to walk in cold. Of course if they see how beautiful you are and how well you present yourself . . .

  2. Stana -

    Why not apply for paid positions? If you present well as a female, many people won't care. And if they do - screw them!


  3. Stana,
    I recall you mentioned some time ago that one of your local women's clothing stores (Dress Barn?) actually pinged you for a part-time position. Might they still be interested? I'm sure the pre-lunch hour shifts, or early in the week shifts aren't favorites of the full-time staff.

  4. I agree with Julie. Show up, state your intent, if they say no, you say......NEXT !
    If they don't want you, they don't deserve your energy. I would, if I was them however.
    Gendre Amore

  5. The ham conventions seem to accept you just fine.

    you're pretty, so it may not apply, but I think a lot of serious CDs are probably more versed in hiding figure flaws than most GGs (because we have so many...) so a clothing store might well use you... though some customers may not care for you in a changing room.. but on the sales floor, I think you'd be great

  6. The world is more than ready Stana the more pertinent question is are you? :)

  7. Jenna Renee EvansJanuary 05, 2019

    I'd say go for a position in what you enjoy doing, and if that means going up to Newington and offering to volunteer (or even get a paid position), do it. I think you are not unknown in those circles, so they are already aware of you I would believe. You have the skills and the background to be effective in just about any position up there.

  8. Regional theaters are always looking for volunteers. We have a couple trans ushers at one of the theaters I volunteer for here in Baltimore.

  9. I agree with the comments. I am approaching the same late in the year. I would love to have something I do part time so as to fulfill my multiple needs which besides the obvious includes the need to help others. I will be interested in what you decide. Good luck and know that whatever you do, you will be great at it.

  10. Go for it, what have you got to lose?

  11. I'am a crossdresser living in Sweden,but My Little problem is that i'am working for Swedish mail..i would like to move out of My country and like to meet other like me

  12. We know there is civil rights protections for trans folks there. I would reacquaint myself with those laws and just keep that knowledge handy as you seek whatever opportunities suit you. Best of luck and a great way to start the new year!