Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Another Fashionista Day

Not a Pretty Picture Dept.

Here is a follow-up on the outfit I purchased from New York and Company last week.

Everything fit me fine. I liked the polka dot blouse and it is a keeper, but I did not like the pants.

The on-line photos gave me the impression that the pants were stretchy leggings made of a cotton and spandex blend. Instead, the pants were a rayon, nylon and spandex blend and did not stretch much at all... not like leggings. Instead of clinging to my legs like leggings, they covered my legs and did not hint at the shape of what was underneath.

Maybe they were too big, but they were also very wrinkled and not attractive at all (on me), so I am returning the pants along with the matching cardigan for a refund.

Ten Happy Piggies Dept.

I wanted to wear my "new" Nine West high heel pumps out to dinner last Wednesday, but I was a little hesitant. The heel is 4-1/2-inches high and at that height, comfort can be a problem.

I have high heel inserts that usually provide some comfort, but I decided to try something different: ball of foot cushions that I recently purchased. The cushions are different than to what I am accustomed. Rather than slipping the cushion in your shoe, you wear your hosiery over the cushion and the cushion has a loop that slips over your second toe (the little piggy that stayed home) to keep the cushion in place.

They worked. I wore my heels for over six hours and comfort was not an issue. I even wore them driving my manual transmission go kart.

Source: Pinterest
(Source: Pinterest)

Frederick Weller
Frederick Weller femulates in television's In Plain Sight (2012)


  1. Interesting episode, full of typical TV drama cliche' dialog. Drag Queen helps convict the bad guy and then goes back to being "normal", which means no more Drag. Some of us have a different view of "normal". I caught one great line; Drag Queen is in witness relocation program and police officer spots a costume piece -- refers to it as "a gateway wig".

  2. Julie M ShawJanuary 22, 2019

    I have worn similar cushions, but mine fit over ALL the piggies (wee wee wee) like a toe sock. Also very comfy, especially after 6 hours.

  3. I applaud your being a woman of height did not discourage you from wearing heels. It likely draws more attention to you, and more scrutiny.. but you do it anyway

  4. when i was dressing the first thing i was taught was how to cover a breard to avoid camera light showing though.

    1. Bear in mind, they may not wanted him to look TOO good... he is apparently one of the leads, going undercover as a drag queen (spoilerish, I know, but you gave his name, so...). He' supposed to be a bit fish out of water