Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Thursday

I spent most of Thanksgiving Day in the emergency room with my wife. 

A cat scan Wednesday morning showed something that concerned her doctor and he told me to take my wife to the ER Thursday morning. So we watched the parade, dog show and Godfather I and II from the "comfort" of a room in the ER, while the nurses and doctors needled my wife in various places trying to find out what was wrong.

Good news was that after nearly 8 hours in the ER, they did not find much. Bad news is that we go back next week for a biopsy to look some more.

After leaving the hospital, we had a late Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's, then called it a day around 8:30 PM. Arriving home, we discovered a huge mess involving urine and feces created by my old blind dog. After cleaning the mess and bathing my dog, I went to bed and tried to fall asleep while thinking about having to put down my dog real soon.

It was not a good day.

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  1. Wishing you and your wife good health


  2. Dear Stana,

    I’m sorry that you and your wife and dog all had such a traumatic Thanksgiving day. I hope your wife’s biopsy will be negative and she will not have any further problems following up what she endured yesterday. I also feel for you and your beloved dog.



  3. Dear Stana,
    So sorry to read the terrible Thanksgiving Day you and your wife had, not to mention your poor pooch. Having had to put down a number of my lovely dogs over the years for all sorts of medical reasons, you know when the time has come. Be brave for the dogs sake.

  4. Hi Stana,
    As others have said I too wish to offer my comfort as you struggle with the things going on with your wife and wonderful pet. I certainly hope for the best for you and am sending prayers on your behalf.

  5. Sorry to hear about the health and subsequent home issues. I hope things start to improve for you all.

  6. Dear Stana,
    Sorry to hear about your wife, and the dog.I wish nothing but good health for you and your family, hang in there, be brave!

  7. I wish you and your family health and peace. Good luck in all regards

  8. So sorry. I lost my cat of 13 years last month.
    My prayers are with you, Sweetie.

  9. Janet YbarraNovember 23, 2018

    So sorry to hear... thoughts and prayers for you, your wife and your beloved four-legged friend.

    Please know we are all here for you.

  10. Be well Stana. Very hard to hear of your family's woes... blessings to you all.... deborah

  11. Hi Stana,

    Hoping the best for your wife's health. You'll be forced to make a hard decision on your dog soon. That is why I will never have pets again (other than fish...). Hugs, Tanit.

  12. Stana -

    Hopefully, they will find out what caused the problem with your wife AND can treat it effectively. And I hope that next Thanksgiving will be a happier one.


  13. Hoping all goes well with your wife Hon!!

  14. I´m so sorry for all your worries, Stana.
    I wish my english would be better to write you all my thoughts...

    All the best for your wife, your beloved dog and yourself...

  15. I was so saddened to read of your wife's recent health issue. May her biopsy provide only a positive report. I also read with sadness of your pet's situation. May you find the strength to make the correct decision for the sake of all. And may next Thanksgiving be a far happier occasion for you both, dear Stana.

  16. I offer a wish of strength. Strength for your wife and for you to be strong to support your wife.
    Love to all, Heather

  17. Stana,

    So sorry to hear that. Wishing your wife well.

    Deni xxx